Exclusive Line of Multidimensional Walls Carved into Staron Solid Surfaces


Achieve unlimited scale with intricate detail and provide a textured design on a durable surface. Feature Mario Romano Walls in your kitchen, bathroom or in any other space throughout the home.

This striking wall system enables the user to experience, touch and even shower in complete beauty. It is silica-free, non-toxic, and Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.

Carved directly into durable Staron® Solid Surfaces, Mario Romano Walls are non-porous, hygienic and easy to maintain, and they also resist stains. They offer a finished solution in one step, with no painting, no sanding and no grout required — simply place the interconnecting pieces together and enjoy. With a large selection of standard wall designs and the opportunity for custom creations, the aesthetic possibilities are endless.

These walls are created via an innovative manufacturing process that involves the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology. Designed by the renowned Mario Romano in California, they are then manufactured and installed by local Staron® fabricators.

Austaron Surfaces was established in 2003 with an aim to provide quality surfaces and finishes to the market. Austaron Surfaces are the proud distributors of world leading brands: Staron® Solid Surfaces, Mario Romano Walls, Acrylic Couture® and Kaynemaile® architectural mesh. Trusted by architects, designers, retailers, builders and consumers. Austaron Surfaces has an experienced sales team that works together with designers, architects, retailers and homeowners from the specification stage, all the way through to project delivery.

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