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French flair: fireplace range


Style meets function with this fireplace range

A fireplace adds elegance, warmth and comfort, often becoming the focal point of the home. It also serves as a gathering place, and as famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The hearth is the psychological centre of the home.”

Cheminées Philippe honours the beauty of fire with a vision and philosophy to create luxury fireplaces. Setting the benchmark in Australian fireplace design, the company combines high performance and safety with breathtaking style. For more than 30 years, Cheminées Philippe has been the first choice for architects, designers and builders, with the company’s products featured in Australia’s most beautiful and award-winning homes.

Unique fireplace designers
The creators of the world’s first lift-up-door fireplace, Cheminées Philippe creates a fireplace experience like no other. Offering the best of both worlds with a unique two-way opening door system, simply slide the door up out of view and the unit operates as an open fire. Slide the door back down to close and it reverts to a safe and efficient, energy-saving, slow-combustion heater.

New designs, more choice
Cheminées Philippe’s beautifully crafted fireplaces have an unmistakable style and elegance that sets them apart. With a large collection of single-, double-, three-sided and corner-view fireboxes, you can create traditionally elegant or strikingly contemporary designs. With winter well and truly upon us, we are anticipating even more innovative and exciting hearth designs, with the release of 12 new Cheminées Philippe fireplace models perfect for new builds, renovations and fireplace refurbishments.

Cost-effective heating solutions
Cheminées Philippe’s range of slow-combustion/open fires offers one of the most successful, efficient and cost-effective heating solutions in wood-fired heating. The company’s powerful dual-combustion heating system delivers radiant and natural convected heat, producing excellent heat output with reduced energy costs.

The superior heating performance and efficiency of Cheminées Philippe’s slow-combustion fires are further enhanced with the new multi-room heat transfer system. Reduce home heating costs by optimising the high heat output of Cheminées Philippe’s dual-combustion system and transfer heat to other areas of your home with ease and efficiency using a flexible hot air ducting system.
Designed and manufactured exclusively in the north of France, Cheminées Philippe fireplaces are distributed to more than 30 countries throughout the world.

Its research and development team is committed to designing and manufacturing wood heating for the future and takes its responsibility to our planet seriously. Furthermore, Cheminées Philippe fireplaces are designed for the environmentally conscious and meet the Australian Standards for heating efficiency, emissions and safety.

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