Plug and Play Electric Fires: the future of heating is here

Plug and Play Electric Fires: the future of heating is here


The future of heating is here, and it looks good. Combine looks and style with these great “plug and play” electric fires from Dimplex

When it comes to choosing a heating unit for your home, you want something that looks good and works well. A fireplace is a fabulous choice, but may not suit every home. That’s where Dimplex comes in. Create that realistic fireplace with this revolutionary range of products from the experienced market leader; including their energy-efficient ‘plug and play’ electric fires.

Plug and play electric fires

The new range of Dimplex electric fires truly come into their own when it comes to overhauling an old, tired fireplace to create a low-maintenance and truly efficient modern solution. The range is ‘Plug and play’, meaning it can be set up in minutes. Say goodbye to expensive installation! These innovative electric solutions mean that not only does their portability make them perfect for moving from room-to-room, the remote control and low carbon footprint make them a convenient and super energy-efficient solution.

Plug and Play Electric Fires: the future of heating is here: the future of heating is here
The beautiful Windlesham fireplace utilises Revillusion™ Flame technology – offering a clear view through the lifelike flames, capturing the charm of a wood-burning fire.

The heating Revillusion

The Dimplex Revillusion Electric Heating Mantel Suites add architectural style to your firebox, drawing attention to this focal point in your room. Not just a source of warmth, it’s like having a gorgeous piece of artwork heating your home.

The future of heating is here: Strata fireplace from Dimplex
The Strata mantle package complements modern or minimalist home decor. It’s simple, sleek and alluring in white with a walnut veneer finish.

Utilising Revillusion flame technology, market leaders in heating, Dimplex has created three electric heating mantle packages destined to become focal points in homes Australia-wide.

The future of heating is here: the Osbourne fireplace
The Osbourne mantle brings a traditional touch to any home. It has a superb style and comes in a neutral cream colour with timeless appeal.

Capturing all the charms of a wood-burning fire, Revillusion flame technology allows a clear view through life-like flames, with the added ambiance of mood lighting customisation, colour enhancement and flame effect independent to the heat.

Easy set up means no expensive installation or venting, and if you’re planning on moving, it can be taken with you, making it an ideal product for renters.

Simply stunning

If you’re after a luxurious flame that provides a stylish year-round decor addition, you can’t go past the Prism series of electric fireplaces. This range of products is stunning and eye-catching.

The future of heating is here: Prism

The Prism flame effect illuminates the diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed in a full spectrum of RGB colours. You can pick the shade of the ember bed to set the best atmosphere for your mood.

The integrated LED display depicts the temperature setting, sleep timer and colour themes as you adjust them from anywhere in the room using the remote control.

Of course, a heater is all about warmth and the Prism series won’t let you down. The fan-forced heater effortlessly produces the required warmth to keep you nice and toasty, all while being cool to the touch – fabulous for those with young families. And with the flame effect running independently from the heater, you can enjoy this fireplace all-year round.

The Prism offers versatility with three installation and mounting options. Choose from wall mount, partially or fully recessed, or you can choose to wire directly to a dedicated circuit.

Add sophistication and elegance to any interior with a Prism 34-, 50- or 74-inch electric fireplace. These are perfect for homes, apartments, and commercial or business premises.

BLF3451-AU 34-inch dimensions: 867mm(w) x 495mm(h) x 181mm(d)
BLF5051-AU 50-inch dimensions: 1277mm(w) x 495mm(h) x 181mm(d)
BLF7451-AU 74-inch dimensions: 1884mm(w) x 495mm(h) x 187mm(d)

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