Eating with style: dining furniture

These tables are sure to add a touch of sophisticated style to your dining room

CoopersStore_Blacksmith_EDITED1 CoopersStore_Blacksmith_EDITED2

Blacksmith Dining Table

This bold table features unique perpendicular loop legs that enable a variety of seating options. The steel loop legs are coated with matt black powedercoat while the the timber is made of recycled spotted gum and steel and the table has a hand finish of oil and wax and rustic finish.

CoopersStore_NYC_edited1 CoopersStore_NYC_edited3

NYC Dining Table

Named after the iconic Big Apple, this dining table was designed specifically to allow greater versatility in seating and to preserve the natural rustic charm of timber. Like the Blacksmith, the table is hand finished in oil and wax.

CoopersStore_Myrana_EDITED1 CoopersStore_Myrana_EDITED2

The Mynor Dining Table

Crafted to reveal the rich depth of colour and grain that comes from century old timber, the Mynor features a recessed X base to allow for greater seating options.

CoopersStore_Whistler_EDITED1  CoopersStore_Whistler_EDITED2

Whistler Dining Table

You can expect many whistles of appreication for this stunning dining table. Rich in character and beauty, the Whistler is made from spotted gum and available in a variety of leg designs to suit your seating requirements.


CoopersStore_Eva_EDITED1 CoopersStore_Eva_EDITED2

Eva Dining Table

Made from 60mm recycled messmate, the Eva table features a round top with continuous lines that contrast sharply against the square edges of the base, giving this timeless look a contemporary feel.

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Written by Ben Nour

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