An Interior Designer's Dream: Zakay Glass Creations

An Interior Designer’s Dream: Zakay Glass Creations


These glass creations are perfect for any space, as clients reflect on what they love about these unique pieces

Asaf Zakay of Zakay Studio and Gallery is a geometric glass art visionary. His sculptures and luminaries adorn spaces around the world. His pieces are most known for their unique and mesmerizing reflections. Made of the highest quality materials, Asaf is world recognised for his art and creates each piece with perfection and grace. 

The gallery situated on Byron Street, Bangalow regularly receives beautiful stories about how a Zakay Glass Creation has embellished their lives and created a harmonious and joyful space.

Here are what some of our treasured clients have to say about Asaf’s creations:

“Sensational pieces of art that would look superb in any part of the house – in front of a sunny window – creating a kaleidoscope of colours – just wonderful” – Jo Plummer

“There are no words… just look and melt into the beauty of of it all!” – Nakita Joubert

“Beautiful, stunning, creative pieces of sacred geometry. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by them everyday at Light Centre for Transformation, New Farm, Brisbane where we host these magnificent creations. Thank you. “ – Tanya Rabe

“Like fairies have entered the room riding tiny rainbows” – Maria Baber

“Amazing art that touches the soul and elevates the spirit” – Lesha Harbour

“Without a doubt some of the most awe inspiring and beautiful artworks…!” – Prue Blennerhassett

“Visited this magic space last week, I would have bought everything if I could afford!!!! Loved loved loved and bought a glorious luminary and a piece, “Urn for Earth” by Suvira McDonald. Just received and LOVING both in my home…..” – Eva Formica

“It has absolutely brought so much joy! I just stare at it all the time! it’s incredible!” – Kellie North.

Asaf’s magical creations are enjoyed by people all around the world including:

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, Demi Moore, David Bromley, Jeffrey Slayter, Jamie Durie, Alex Grey and Angus Stone.

The Artist:

Asaf first began creating glass sculptures back when he was living in his native Israel. He had long worked with materials like wood and marble, using them to create geometric forms – in particular the interlocking tetrahedron shape better known to him as the Star of David. When he began working as an installer of Belgian-style stained-glass windows, his natural curiosity led him to experiment with similar techniques in his personal glass creations.

Little did he know the influence this geometric star will have on his portfolio. From his gallery studio in Bangalow on the Australian East Coast, Zakay creates stunning interlocking glass sculptures that, when illuminated, fill a room with interplaying patterns of shadow and light.

“As a designer, my creations are fashioned on what is known as the golden ratio, a ratio that appeals to the human sense of beauty and balance. I aim to capture the essence of nature and allow people to see it as if for the first time.” – Asaf Zakay

Zakay Studio and Gallery is not only home to exquisite geometric glass sculptures and luminaries but also showcases some of the finest glass sculptures and ceramics from Austalia’s top Artists; Avital Sheffer, Noel Hart and Suvira McDonald.

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Gallery hours: 10-5 Mon to Fri and 10-3 Weekends.