5 designer tips to create a year-round outdoor kitchen space


It may feel overwhelming when you decide to install an outdoor kitchen in your home. We get it. There is a lot to consider – space, budget, style and the ultimate goal to achieve your outdoor kitchen dream

Firstly, ask yourself these five things:

  • How much room can I dedicate purely to the outdoor kitchen space?
  • Do I have easy access to indoors?
  • Do I have sufficient power supply for things like fridges, small appliances or fans?
  • Do I need water supply and drainage for my outdoor kitchen sink?
  • Do I have sufficient shade, protection and lighting?

Simple steps to design your space

Utilising the space you have is crucial to achieving a fully functional outdoor kitchen. Make a list of your kitchen ‘must haves’ such as storage cabinets and drawers, food preparation and serving benches and a beer fridge and bar service area. Once you’ve decided what you want to include, you can then consider where you want them and how the access and flow of your new kitchen, BBQ and appliances will work.

Kitchen design rules to know

Ever heard of the ‘golden triangle’ rule of design? It basically shows us the most effective layout of an outdoor kitchen – easy access to all elements of the kitchen including the grill, the sink and your food prep area.

Depending on the space you are working with, be sure to include as much bench space as possible in your new outdoor kitchen design. Simple, but often ignored, elements like this can leave you feeling like cooking outdoors is more a chore than a pleasure, especially when you are left constantly searching for somewhere to put your ingredients, your plates and utensils and most importantly, your delicious finished product!

Reimagine your outdoor space

Your new outdoor kitchen should feel like an extension to your home – it should be as functional as your indoor kitchen, as inviting as your lounge and encourage a free-flowing effect from the inside to the outside. Consider embracing home décor, plants and creature comforts like cushions, throws and comfortable seating to encourage your guests to linger while you prepare and share your meal.

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