orb eco light pendant

Green Light: 10 beautiful eco-friendly lights


Not only do they look great but they also benefit the environment. Opting for eco-friendly lighting is a small decision that will make a big difference

Trey Lamps Christel Hadiwibawa eco

1. Using timber dowels and a knotting and lashing technique commonly used in bamboo joinery, Christel Hadiwibawa created the adorable Trey lamps. christelh.com

white and green eco moth lamp

2. The Moth lamp from Studio Snowpuppe is made from one piece of special Butterfly paper like a piece of origami. studiosnowpuppe.nl

hardwood seed eco lamp

3. Made from certified Tasmanian blackwood, the Genie Two grandelier from Who Did That represents the curvy Baobab tree and the Seed595 grandelier symbolises the importance seed saving banks and food sovereignty. whodidthat.com.au

Basket pendants eco lamps

4. Nikki Lisle started Sala Verde in order to provide the community with honest, sustainable products. The Basket and Garlic pendants, as well as the Jellyfish table lamp are part of a mission to encourage consumers to think about where the products they buy, come from. salaverde.com.au

recycled eco chandelier

5. Carolina Fontoura collects old bikes from junk yards and upcycles them to create exquisite and certainly unique chandeliers. facaro.com


orb eco light pendant

6. The Orb pendant light from Cork way Store is made of recycled cork, a material with immense value due to its ecological capabilities and environmental friendliness. corkway.com

wash eco lamp

7. Designed by Alex Kovatchev, the Wash lamp is an eco-friendly lighting solution made from a worn-out washing machine drum. idea.bg

Edison Light Globes Eco

8. The six-watt dimmable LED E27 Teardrop Bulb from Edison Light Globes combines aesthetics with highly efficient LED technology. edisonlightglobes.com

Retro Eco Bubble Pendants

9. These retro Bubble pendants from Weave Decor Design have been handcrafted from coiled bamboo and lacquered with a natural product. weavedecordesign.com.au

eco low energy lighting

10. The world’s first low energy, designer light bulb, the Plumen uses 80 per cent less energy and lasts eight times longer than incandescent bulbs. Available from Surrounding. surrounding.com.au


From Renovate magazine Vol . 9 No. 4