The Hamptons Style: The trend that doesn’t seem to date


Whether you have seen it in a movie or flash across your social media, The ‘Hamptons Style’ remains very popular amongst home owners and renovators… but what exactly is Hamptons style?

This design style was originally inspired by a group of villages called ‘The Hamptons’ on Long Island, New York.

It is defined by casual, relaxed beach living; done in a classic and sophisticated way.

Typically, this style features plenty of natural light, discreet window treatments, timber panelling, neutral colours, exposed beams, pitched ceilings and natural stone.

For those that are fans of the TV show ‘Billions’, Bobby Axelrod’s house is a clear example of a typical Hamptons abode, oozing style and luxury.

Clients of ours are often inquiring about this particular style for their facades.

Although natural stone lends itself to the coastal environment, it’s important to incorporate it as a contrasting feature; in order to not overpower the other features that make a Hamptons style facade unique.

Timber and stone look fantastic together and it’s integral to maintain that ‘softness’ when it comes to designing facades.

You want stone to play the key support role, and in doing so, will balance the cast beautifully.

As I’m sure you have heard many times, keep it simple. Use colours, materials & features that will complement; not compete.

If you are a person who is passionate about style, luxury and class… you know what style your next home needs to be.

You can thank us later.

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