An interview with Jordan Hill, founder of Splendour in Stone

For Jordan Hill, founder of Splendour in Stone, sourcing the finest stone is a personal passion

Jordan Hill Splendour In Stone

What drew you to stone?

Stone has always appealed to me. When I was younger I packed my bags and set off on an around-the-world journey in search of adventure and discovery. I immersed myself in places such as Machu Picchu in Peru and explored the pyramids of Giza. I was intrigued by the architecture, the detail of the craftsmanship, the history and culture. I stood there fascinated and wondered how they built these structures that have stood for centuries. I marvelled not just at the stonework, but the stone itself. It became an obsession. I studied explorers like Hiram Bingham and master stonemasons like Lew French. From then on it’s all been about stone.

How did the business begin?

Splendour in Stone is a natural stone supplier that specialises in paving and cladding. We deliver high-quality stone for people seeking a natural, beautiful and timeless design for their project. We started from humble beginnings, operating from a small warehouse space leased from a mate. Realising people needed to see the stone displayed in realistic settings, we took a leap of faith and leased a larger space in Mitcham, Victoria. We built a showroom that features a large range of our products in a way that inspires and captivates. We are proud of what we have built and believe we not only offer a great product, but also an immersive experience.

What’s currently in vogue?

In our walling category, Hotham, Blue Ridge and Buffalo remain popular choices. Hotham and Buffalo have a neutral palette so they work in most designs, but I’m fond of Stirling — it’s European-esque and reminds me of Tuscan villages. Of course, all projects we supply are unique. The great thing about stonework is no two walls will be the same. Each is an art piece that takes time and effort and we appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it.

What inspires you the most?

I love that everything is driven from passion and creativity. I work in a space that continues to inspire. I meet new people every day from all over Australia. I hear their stories, their ideas, and we become part of their dreams and visions. It’s wonderful to be part of their projects. I also love working in the world of design. For me, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I am drawn to natural materials, whether for paving, walling or furniture. Anything that involves clever design and beautiful craftsmanship appeals to me.

Can you share your goals?

I think it’s important to be creative. We look forward to collaborating with architects, designers, stonemasons and landscapers on exciting projects. We want to create beautiful spaces for everyone — places of peace and connection. In homes, in public spaces, I want people to be able to find in stone what I have found for my life.

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