Home care: cleaning furniture


We take a look at some amazing polishes and waxes that will ensure your furniture is well-maintained and looks great

Antique Furniture Polish

Perfect for French polished furniture this rich, beeswax polish is rich in natural waxes to enhance and maintain natural finish.

Maintenance Wax

Versatile, easy-to-apply and a delight to use — this beeswax-based polish will protect and nourish all types of timber.

Lemon Oil

This plant-based timber polish enhances the natural grain of wood and is perfect for finished or unfinished timber surfaces.

Natural Nourishing Wax

A combination of plant-based oils and West Australian beeswax means this natural nourishing wax has everything it needs to ensure your furniture gets the deep feed it needs to protect from drying and cracking.

Touch Up For Dark Wood

Great for a quick, cosmetic touch up for your furniture and floors!

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