Lopi 864CF 40K – Mallorca Style


Proudly featured, the Lopi 864 Clean Face 40K gas fireplace that’s cleverly incorporated into this stylish ‘Modern Mallorca’ Spanish styled home by Three Birds Renovations.

This tired Eighties home was completely transformed by the amazing team at Three Birds Renovations. The home is located in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, the Mediterranean designed home was practically re-built inside and out in a remarkable design statement.

Lopi 864CF 40K GS2

The installation of this fireplace in the main living area features the popular Lopi 864CF 40K GS2. The fireplace is clad in an beautiful Veneer Stone – Dry Stacked Stone in Limestone colour. The 86CF 40K heats up to 185sqm and features an extra-large viewing window with tall hypnotising flames and high-definition detailed oak log-set.

This fireplace was also installed with the CoolSmartä Wall kit option, this kit reduces the TV clearances so that it can be placed closer to the fireplace. CoolSmartä allows the hot air to flow through the CoolSmartä vent above so when the fireplace fans are switched off it naturally forces convection air through the vent without the need for a fan or even power.

The sharp blacks of the fireplace, TV and CoolSmartä vent perfectly compliment the rest of the rooms styling combining traditional Mediterranean with a modern Australian twist.

The traditional Clean Face fireplace range features four models; the 864CF 31K for slightly less heat and the 864CF 40K (below) for applications requiring higher heat output.

The 564 Clean Face models are slightly smaller but also available in a lower heat option with the 564CF 25K and high heat in the 564CF 35K.

864CF 31K

Many new homes and renovations are choosing this squarer format of the Lopi Traditional Gas Fireplace range. This trend back towards the traditional fireplace shape offers a great alternative to the linear fireplace models.

The streamlined look of this fireplace range minimises the need for extra metal surrounds and provides a focus on the tall dancing flames and large glass viewing area all operated from a single remote.

To find out more about our range of Lopi GreenSmartä Gas Fireplaces and where to purchase, contact our team on 1800 064 234, visit www.lopi.com.au or email info@lopi.com.au

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