Clever under sink storage ideas

Under-sink cabinets are by far one of the trickiest spaces for creating functional storage. Working around pipes, sinks, powerpoints and filters (just to name a few) makes every cabinet uniquely different. Here are some tips and ideas by Tanya Selever from Tansel Kitchen Systems and Solutions for making the most of all available space.


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Most under-sink cabinets are hinged doors. It’s the most economical option and there is a wide range of storage solutions that can slide out or are door mounted. One of the main considerations is whether to remove the shelf.

With mid-section shelf: If shelf remains, you can place bottom-mount baskets around the plumbing to make the narrow spaces more accessible. Alternatively, you can fit some door-mounted racks and tea towel rails, which is an easy and inexpensive solution.

No shelf: A twin sink that is very deep generally leaves little room for a mid shelf. Depending on the position of the plumbing, you will be left with one section that is full depth, and the remaining shallow, about 300mm. A good solution for this is two slide-out detergent pull-outs; one that runs the full depth and another in front of the plumbing.

The above solutions are suitable for cabinets that are already installed.



Drawers are a great way to incorporate slide-out bins and maximise organisation. This solution is ideal for new kitchen renovations so talk to your cabinetmaker and plumber early so plumbing and other obstructions are considered before installation.



* Consider your materials wisely. Stainless steel, plastic and aluminium will give you more longevity. MDF board can swell if regularly exposed to water and damp.

* Easy access. At some point, you’ll need access to the plumbing so ensure your pull-out storage can be easily removed.

* Quality and warranty. Check the fine print and warranty details to avoid expensive replacements.



Managing director and product designer at Tansel Stainless Steel Wireware, Tanya’s “think-outside-the-square” approach to storage makes her one of our favourite go-to girls. Email your storage questions to



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Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, Volume 21.2

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