Light Up

Light Up


Putting the finishing touches to your renovation or extension is the fun part. Here are some glamorous lighting options to make your rooms glow

(left to right) From Mercator, the Bella decorative bead table and floor lamp with chrome; and the Dendy, a stunning crystal strand series with pendant, available as table and floor lamp.

Charlotte from Mercator is a modern pendant series with black metalware and decorative hanging beads in three, five or eight light options.

The Santiago chrome pendant with clear decorative accessories surrounded with a smoke coloured shade turns see-through when the light turns on. An elegant piece with a modern twist from Mercator.

Turning into something of an icon in the decorating world is the Garland lamp from Artecnica. The long flowing strands flow delicately from the light bulb. One of the bonuses is that every lamp is different and you can shape and sculpt it however you like. Gorgeous!

An explosion of flowers almost spills out onto the floor with the Brand Von Egmond Love You Love You Not chandelier. Released at the Cologne Fair, the piece takes total precedence in a room.

Taking candles to the air, the Floating Candles light by Brand Vong Egmond is a mystical treat with a simple steel rod lowering the candle into the room for a delicate hue.

The detail on this seemingly simple light is incredible. Industrial looks are slowly softened as you move closer to see that the metal elements are laced together with black silk ribbons, like a corset. Behind the sheath of stainless steel lies another shade, this time laser-cut with a beautiful flowery design. It’s a sultry indulgence for the eyes.

Hand-blown glass balls float down from the ceiling in the Ether suspension lamp from Custom Lighting.

The Fit ceiling light from Custom Lighting was designed by Marc Sadler with satin-finished crystal.

Harnessing an almost Roswell feel, three discs with screen-printed grey and satin-finished glass provide fantastic lighting for a futuristic room (from Custom Lighting).

Put the spotlight on your living space with the Titano suspension light from Custom Lighting.

Volker Haug is a Czech designer who is making lighting fun and dynamic with his often-abstract designs. The funky lights use colour and industrial materials to create totally original pieces. Hang them in a contemporary pad for some grungy edge.

The Telbix range of lights from Paradigm Living features delicate pieces such as the Miramar, a ceiling light where raindrop-like strands weave from limb to limb of the base. Cones drop from the ceiling with another piece from the range, allowing focused light to fall onto the floor.

Create a sci-fi dimension with the Riccio light from Fabbian Lighting.

Yellow Goat continues to amaze us with dynamic feature lighting. Statement pieces are the company’s specialty and we can see why. This masterpiece features nine levels of coral cut-out acrylic discs around a central lighting core. The levels diffuse the light beautifully.

Simple and elegant, this ceiling light from Interior Equipment provides fresh lighting to a bright space.


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