11 beautiful kitchen benchtops

11 beautiful kitchen benchtops



From semi-precious stones or rare Italian marble, the latest benchtops on the market are sure to make a statement in your kitchen.

By Tatyana Leonov

Whether you choose a constitution made from semi-precious stones, natural stones, marble, granite, or a base that mimics the look of a stone surface, there is an option to suit everyone.

Caesarstone has introduced a new range of benchtops and splashbacks made from semi-precious stones. The Concetto benchtops and splashbacks are hand-made from individually cut and bound natural semi-precious stones and because the stones are completely natural, each surface is unique with its own intrinsic shadings and patterns. The stones, sourced from around the world, exhibit the distinctive, beautiful colours and structures created by high heat and pressure over billions of years.

Another option to consider is the Laminex 180fx range, a collection of decorative surfaces that combines natural stones with the practical advantages of laminate. The mix of marble and stone replicates a pattern that captures the intricacy and sophisticated layers of a real stone slab. The Laminex collection features six stone patterns in the choice of a matte or gloss finish, providing homeowners and architects with an abundance of choice for the kitchen space.

Gitani Stone also offers a diverse range of options when it comes to benchtops and splashbacks, with the limestone and extensive marble range both ideal materials to consider. Gitani’s marble range includes Calacatta Paonazzetto marble (a rare Italian marble) and Libian marble, which is quarried in the mountains of Lebanon and is known to have been used in emperors’ temples dating back more than 2000 years. If limestone is your preference, their Grande Fossile limestone is quarried in Madagascar and looks stunning within the kitchen space.

If you like the look of stone but prefer quartz as the base material, then Smartstone is an engineered quartz surface that replicates the beauty of natural stone while offering the durable properties of quartz. Smartstone’s composition is at least 95 per cent quartz, the fourth-hardest natural mineral after diamond, sapphire and topaz, and this extreme durability makes it highly resistant to impact, abrasion, scratching, chipping or cracking. Caesarstone, Gitani Stone and Laminex also offer quartz collections.

Thanks to advanced technology, compositions made of semi-precious stones, quartz, marble, granite, or a mix of the materials all offer different levels of durability and can provide an ideal kitchen surface or be used for stunning splashbacks. When it comes to choosing a surface or splashback that suits the mood of your kitchen space, look for a durable product with a long warranty period — and choose a surface that will look great for many years to come.

1. Caeserstone Concetto Amethyst. www.caesarstone.com.au
2. Laminex 180fx Carrera Marble, DiamondGloss finish. www.laminex.com.au
3. Smartstone Toledo. www.smartstone.com.au
4. Caeserstone Concetto Argnotie. www.caesarstone.com.au
5. Gitani Stone Grand Fossile. www.gitanistone.com.au
6. Laminex 180fx Silver Travertine, Matt Finish. www.laminex.com.au
7. Smartstone Santorini collection. www.smartstone.com.au
8. Gitani Stone Calacatta Tonazzo. www.gitanistone.com.au
9. Gitani Stone Liban. www.gitanistone.com.au
10. Laminex 180fx Black Fossilstone, DiamondGloss finish. www.laminex.com.au
11. Caeserstone Concetto White Quartz. www.caesarstone.com.au

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