The linear look: custom fireplaces

The linear look: custom fireplaces


Linear style fireplaces are one of the most commonly requested type of gas fireplace today

The sleek appearance of Lopi’s linear range means not only a minimal, contemporary look but a tall flame and a large amount of radiant heat from the crystal clear ceramic glass. The safety screens included as standard are almost invisible, protecting small hands but still allow the heat to gently radiate through warming the room.

All Lopi Linear gas fireplaces feature high heat output and the GreenSmart™ 2 remote that includes a ‘Smart’ thermostat mode allowing automatic adjustment of flame height. Another great feature is the manual mode that allows you to switch the fireplace out of a thermostat and determine the flame height and one of the sixth speed fan modes independent of the flame. This means you get to control not only the levels of flame and fan but the subtle under-lighting which enhances the fireplace even if the flame is switched off.

The evolution of Lopi Fireplaces has recently resulted in the introduction of a range of custom order linear style fireplaces into Australia for the first time.

This range of highly aesthetic fireplaces, named DaVinci Custom Fireplaces by Lopi, is made to order in the North West of the USA. Available in seven designs with multiple width and heights make for over 160 design combinations.

The seven designs include, Single-sided, Double-sided, Bay, Pier, Island, Right and Left-hand Corners as well as an option for an outdoor application with the double sided and single sided unit. The stunning flames in DaVinci fireplaces are tall and dramatic creating an atmosphere like no other fireplace. The use of multi-coloured LED under-lighting with controls for the colour spectrum and intensity make for large appeal in not only residential applications but also in commercial venues such as hotels and restaurants.

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces by Lopi feature safe touch glass which is created through the introduction of a curtain of cold air between 2 layers of glass. This safe touch glass means a worry free fireplace where no accidents can happen. Combustible materials such as timber can be finished right to the edge of the glass and TV’s placed immediately above.

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