Unique Lighting: 5 of our favourite looks

A room is like a stage. Without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.

The lighting of a room can define its look, but sometimes it is a custom-made, unique light piece that can be the statement you need to “light up” a room!

When it comes to custom lighting, the possibilities are endless – with a range of materials, styles and purposes to choose from. We take a look at a few pieces from Bream Unique Lighting that perfectly capture that ‘light bulb moment’ that comes with all good design!

1. These reclaimed hardwood pendant lights

Reclaimed or upcycled wood doesn’t suit every interior design style, but can benefit the environment and the look of your room in a big way if you’re after a rustic or country-style look in your home. While many interior designers are telling of the demise of reclaimed wood, a statement piece like these pendant lights can be a great way to bring an element of earthiness into your home.

2. Bream’s Havlock Copper Pendant Light

Bream’s signature light range, these Havlock Copper lights come in a range of colours and, being handmade, epitomise statement style while each still retains its originality.

4. This Shipyard Brothers Pendant

Inspiration can strike in all manner of forms, and these reclaimed telegraph insulators made the perfect pendant lights. A charming way to bring elements of the past into any contemporary room.

For more information, visit the Bream Unique Lighting website

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