5 Great ideas to make your home cosy and warm this winter

Winter is coming and with it the cool breezes and temperature drops that make you want to cuddle up on the couch and get cosy and warm

5 Great ideas to make your home cosy and warm this winter

The experts at Recline Furniture/Lazboy love winter and all of the beautiful design trends that come with it, which is why they have put together a few simple styling tips to take your home from cool and summery to warm and cosy this winter.

1. Do you have a little book nook by the window? Provided you have the space, a cosy chair by your favourite window is the perfect spot to take in the seasonal change with a nice cup of tea. The natural winter light and falling leaves will be oh so peaceful in a chair like the Mateo. You could even dress up your new comfy chair with accessories like a knitted throw and cushions.

2. You don’t need to go crazy during winter and completely redecorate your home (unless you want to). Keep it simple by introducing pot plants in warm tones, cosy throw blankets, and a stack of classic books and scented candles. Throw cushions are also one of our favourite touches for winter. You can really dress up your lounge suite for comfort and colour during the cooler months. It’s all about the accessories!

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, using warm tones like gold, copper, brass, and wood grain. You can mix and match these textural finishes to change the ambiance of your living room from bright and white to warm and relaxing.

5 Great ideas to make your home cosy and warm this winter

4. Windowsills (if you’re lucky enough to have a classic box seated windowsill) are un-sung heroes within the living room. You can do so much with this extra space – add potted plants, upholster the window seat and daze longingly outside, or decorate with pretty glass wear and flowers. Whether you’re dressing the place up or down, adding a bit of love to your windowsill is bound to liven up the space, while still keeping the cosy feeling.

5. Don’t forget about decorating your walls with beautiful decals and stunning artwork or paintings. While these mightn’t be a seasonal change, winter is a great excuse to start decorating your space. You can find a great selection of artwork in store at Recline Furniture/Lazboy too.

What are your favourite cosy tips for winter styling?

Recline Furniture/Lazboy want to make sure you make the most of your homely space, and find the right furnishings to complete your look. Contact your local Recline Furniture/Lazboy store for design guidance – and start living life comfortably.

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