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Loewe announces the availability of its smart radios Loewe klang s3 and Loewe klang s1.

The two models stand out with their elegant design, the high-quality brushed aluminum housing, and offer the highest level of music enjoyment and flexibility. With crystal-clear sound, numerous streaming functions and virtually limitless program options, Loewe is expanding its audio portfolio with two top-notch new additions.

Immerse yourself in new soundscapes.

The two smart speaker systems Loewe klang s3 and Loewe klang s1 provide versatile listening pleasure with Internet radio and a DAB/DAB+ tuner. Up to 25,000 stations can be individually programmed and offer an infinite selection of the most diverse radio programs.

Services such as Amazon Music, Deezer or Spotify Connect are also integrated – and after all, streaming is part of the DNA of the Loewe klang s family. The larger Loewe klang s3 model comes with an additional CD slot for even more listening pleasures. Furthermore, wireless streaming via Bluetooth is possible, making it easy to play your favourite playlist on your mobile phone or tablet.

Music files can also be played via USB connection. With this almost limitless variety of available channels, music titles, audiobooks, and podcasts, you are not going to get bored.

Superior performance.

The Loewe klang s1 delivers crystal-clear sound with an output of 80 watts, the Loewe klang s3 even with 120 watts of total music output. The arrangement of the speakers in combination with a bass reflex port creates a perfectly balanced sound stage with strong bass and crystal-clear treble.

Anyone who wants to enjoy first-class stereo sound while cooking, working, or relaxing will find the ideal sound partners in the Loewe klang s family.

Elegant and sleek.

The two beautiful models radiate pure understatement and come in a brushed aluminium housing with profiled buttons and an illuminated rotary knob. An extra-large display allows for comfortable reading and user-friendly control of personal content. The design is a perfect symbiosis of appealing optics and convenient handling, which also convinced the international jury of the renowned design awards iF Design and Red Dot.

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The new Loewe signature flag and the slim silhouette round off the elegant look. The Loewe klang s3 perfectly sets the scene with its dimensions and cuts a fine figure in the home office or medium-sized living rooms.

The compact Loewe klang s1 smart radio, on the other hand, takes up hardly any space and, as a minimalist solution, fits ideally in smaller rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.


“Basically there is NO streaming device which has the build quality or sound quality as the new S1 and S3, a complete solid sculptured aluminum built product which has all the features of any multi room device, with DAB+ , Wifi Streaming in HD, Blue Tooth playback with a Mini Hifi Sound. Having the German know how and engineering, there is simply nothing better at these price points”

Prices, Specs and availability

Loewe klang s1 - $799
Loewe klang s1 – $799
 Loewe klang s3 - $1,199
Loewe klang s3 – $1,199
klang s1 klang s3
Smart radio with huge stereo sound and user-friendly operation Big smart radio with outstanding stereo sound quality and CD drive
Smart radio with local radio stations via internet, Amazon Music, Spotify Connect, Deezer,

USB connector for MP3 playback

Controllable via local buttons, APP, remote X X
Wake-up function (2 alarms) + Sleep function (4 modes) X X
Pre-set for FM/DAB/DAB+/Internet radio (each 20), Spotify (10) X X
Dimmer function (3 steps) X X
FM/DAB/DAB+, 75 Ohm antenna connector, WiFi and Bluetooth X X
CD slot-in (WMA, MP3) X
Full aluminum housing with high quality acoustic fabric X X
Music power 80W 120W
Speaker set-up: 2x 3“ full range + 2x tweeter + bass tube X X
Dimension 300mm x 105mm x 75mm 210m460mm x 165mm x 75mm
Available July 2021 July 2021
RRP (target) 799 1199

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