M&K SOUND Introduces Upgraded Living Room Friendly CompactV10+ Subwoofer


M&K Sound with Indi Imports are proud to finally introduce the NEW V10+ Subwoofer.

An upgraded living room friendly compact subwoofer with a small-footprint and increased power output.

The V10+ delivers an opportunity for consumers to enjoy that legendary deep and accurate bass for which M&K Sound is world-renowned in a compact and affordable package. The new subwoofer allows a wider audience to experience ‘The Choice of Professionals’ and listen to movies and music the way they are meant to be heard.

M&K Sound - Indi Imports

The manageable form factor of the beautifully designed V10+ (available in black satin or white satin finishes) with new beautifully curved cabinet design means it can be placed almost anywhere in a residential or office environment without drawing attention to itself. Feel those rumbles without the clutter!

“Today we can mark that Miller and Kreisel the “inventor of the subwoofer” as we know it today, will now begin its push to take the mantel of the preferred subwoofer choice for the consumer. Its been a long time coming however it was worth the wait. Unlike other brands who constantly release new subwoofers every year, M&K only release when they feel there is a need. Today is a start for that need, and that need is purely driven by newer formats of digital sound and the requirement to push the envelope in home and commercial cinema that furthermore.”

M&K Sound - Indi Imports

Paul Riachi, Managing Director INDI IMPORTS

More features, exquisite design and powerful, enhanced performance:

M&K Sound’s expert engineering team has increased the amplifier power output for the V10+ from 200W to300W RMS and extended deep bass output from 25Hz down to a growling20Hz (-6dB).

A single 10-inch driver with newly treated paper cone in a sealed anti-resonant enclosure – combined with ahigh-efficiency Class D amplifier and M&K’s proprietary ‘front end’ input stage – ensure that the signature bass performance is not just heard by the audience, but viscerally felt.

M&K Sound’s Compact V10+ Subwoofer sports a brand new curved and tapered external housing with tastefully formed embossed logo, making this discrete powerhouse of deep bass ideal for placement within any décor-friendly or design-conscious environment.

Combined with a newly developed and magnetized front grill, which can be easily removed and replaced, the V10+represents an unrivalled ergonomics and performance package for movie fans, audiophiles and casual listeners alike.


New V10+ subwoofer features and enhancements over first-gen V10

  • Increased amplifier power output from 200W RMS to 300W RMS
  • Deeper bass extension down to 20Hz from 25Hz
  • Wider frequency response of 24 – 200Hz (+/- 2dB)
  • New treated stiffer paper cone design for rigidity and reduced distortion
  • Anti-resonant and exquisitely crafted curved cabinet while retaining ‘cubic’ dimensions
  • Convenient magnetic attachable grill for cleaner aesthetic and easier fit

New V10+ subwoofer core specifications

  • Dimensions 34.5 cm (H) x 34.5 cm (W) x 34.5 (D)
  • Amplifier power 300W RMS / 600W peak
  • THD <0.5% @ 400W
  • Low pass filter 60 – 200Hz continuous
  • Crossover slope 12dB per octave

Pricing & Availability

The MK SOUND V10+ Subwoofer will be available in January 2022 and priced at RRP $2,399

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