magic lighting systems


When traditional light solutions no longer work for you, design with Magic.


The way we perceive an object or environment largely depends on the lighting situation. Does a space look interesting or monotonous, inviting or oppressive, homely or sober? Light de?nes the mood and can be used to create a personal feel. Light can make a space look bigger or upgrade its practical and aesthetic value.

De?ne your furniture and room features with the sensitive power of light. Transform nondescript rooms into vibrant living spaces. Magic lights give you all the options with compact, energy-saving LEDs you can discreetly integrate into furniture and intelligent lighting control that conjures the perfect feel-good ambience at the press of a button. Magic lighting offers a range of functions to cater to your every lighting need.

Magic lighting for the kitchen

– Work areas are illuminated with practical, shadow-free light, while in remote corners, lighting effects create a beautiful ambience.


Magic lighting for the bathroom

– Create a place to boost and refresh in the morning with lighting for performing tasks or create a soothing sanctuary and unwind in the evening with mood lighting.


Magic lighting for the bedroom

– Adults: Turn your bedroom into a peaceful haven with non-glaring, warm subtle light which doesn’t impede the production of sleep hormone melatonin and allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

– Kids: LED lighting is fun and cool, literally. LEDs generate a lot of light but very little heat, making them ideal for children’s and teenager’s rooms.


Magic lighting for the living room

– The living room is a versatile space for reading, relaxing, watching television, partying, planning or simply chatting.  Control atmosphere and brightness and allow your living room to reflect your mood at the press of a button.


Magic lighting for the home office

– Create an inspiring working environment with a compelling combination of bright lit shelves, indirect room light and vibrant statement lighting.


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