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Push to open
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Hettich’s Push-to-open door system – no hands required!


Hettich’s innovative Push-to-open or P2O door opener system gives you the best of both worlds by combining functionality with aesthetics. The Push-to-open system increases design possibilities for your home by removing clunky handles. You can obtain a sleek, streamlined look with the added function of being able to open cabinet draws with a single touch, even with wet, full or messy hands. Just push, no hands required!

There are 3 versions available to suit your various needs:

P20 Magnet

– Operates on the basis of magnets

– To be screwed or drilled in place

P2O Pin

– Featured a Slam Lock

– The door is securely locked when closed

P2O Universal

– A gentle push lets the door open comfortably

– Extra-long mechanism overcomes the closing force as the door opens


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