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As one of Sydney’s most styling and accomplished home building teams, Oak and Orange pride themselves on designing beautiful dream homes that are both practical and functional for the modern family.

We couldn’t agree more with their philosophy that great design should be purposeful and easy to maintain. We love nothing more than partnering with companies that align with our values for quality and innovation and are so thrilled to be collaborating with Oak & Orange on Dream Home 7.

The newest Oak & Orange build is the Coastal Farmhouse. Take a tour to see how EnduroShield helped their vision for a home that is not only a dream to look at but a dream to live in too.

CLICK HERE – https://oakandorange.com.au/how-to-design-a-kitchen/

O&O take us through the process of how to design a kitchen the right way in episode 3 of Dream Home 7. They’ve even designed the cleaning for you! As the kitchen is the heart of the home, a lot of thought went into the planning stage to ensure the eventual occupants experience the dream, in every sense of the word, aligning aesthetics, layout and superior supplies to recreate that coastal farmhouse lifestyle on the outskirts of Sydney.

This chic, modern kitchen with its coastal farmhouse aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Pretty and practical – it has all the bells and whistles you would expect in a dream home and also accommodates everyday efficiency. Designers Heather and Sarah of Oak & Orange have built 17 houses between them in the last 10 years and share loads of practical tips and tricks during the building process of Dream Home 7.

“Our Coastal Farmhouse kitchen is the love child of beauty and practicality… see just how well this beauty functions!!! You know we’re all about practicality that looks and feels amazing to live in – this space is no different!”
Oak & Orange

Wondering how that statement KitKat tile splashback with all those grout lines is going to stand up to repeated splatter from the stove? That’s where EnduroShield will help. EnduroShield has been working closely with O&O to create a home that is a dream to clean. The protective coating is a high-performance maintenance solution that will stand up to the splash zone and make cleaning a breeze every time.

Though what we truly love about this kitchen is the built-in bar and wine cabinet! EnduroShield saves time on cleaning and leaves more time for sipping a drink by the pool. As the Oak & Orange design team like to put it, “A dream home shouldn’t just look great, it should be a dream to live in.”

Why not make life dreamy with EnduroShield? Also available for glass, stainless steel and chrome.


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