Product spotlight: Atlantis

Product spotlight: Atlantis


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From modular vertical garden systems to sub-surface drainage, the solution is at hand with Atlantis range of products

Since 1986 Atlantis has been at the forefront of landscape product innovation. With a strong history in commercial landscaping applications these systems are now available for your backyard.

Households can benefit by utilising Atlantis products for many applications, such as creating green space in confined areas, creating reservoirs for vegetable patches, draining water-logged areas, landscape drainage for planter boxes and underground water storage.

Converting confined spaces and unsightly walls into a green space is made simple with the Atlantis Gro-Wall™ range. Balconies are easily transformed into green walls, and the new Gro-Wall™ Slim is ideal for herbs and vegetables.

The Atlantis Gro-Wall™ vertical garden system is truly modular, allowing easy vertical and horizontal expansion and even easy plant changes. The Atlantis Gro-Wall™ system structure can be rapidly constructed — creating an instant vertical garden has never been easier. The Atlantis vertical garden system features a series of modular shelves containing exchangeable plants held in water-retentive bags in which a wide variety of plant species can be grown. Irrigation is easy and cost-effective and utilises standard drip irrigation.

The Atlantis Gro-Wall™ modules can be attached to any structural wall, including fences, retaining walls and building structures, which makes this vertical garden system ideal for transforming mundane walls into stunning green walls.

With Atlantis you can also create wicking or self-watering garden beds. Wicking beds water plants from below rather than above. This works by filtering moisture through a network of Atlantis Matrix absorption tanks and sand to take water directly to the roots — where it’s auneeded most. Wicking beds work like a big sand sponge as water moves from the bottom to the top and then wets the soil the vegies or plants are growing in. By storing water under the soil surface, evaporation is reduced and water is accessible to the plants when they need it.

Water-logged areas are easily remedied with the Atlantis range of sub-surface drainage solutions. Water-logged areas can be intercepted with Atlantis Flo-Pipe™ or Flo-Log™ products that absorb and effectively channel water away.

Atlantis Flo-Cell™ is a strong yet lightweight product that provides effective drainage for planter boxes or rooftop gardens. Only excessive water is removed, providing optimum growing conditions for plants.

An Atlantis underground water storage system is ideal for retaining the full use of your backyard and meeting your water storage requirements. Atlantis underground water storage systems are ideal for residential homes and can be installed either in back or front yards or under driveways. The Atlantis underground water storage system is modular and can be installed to hold any volume. It’s the ideal system for harvesting water for your garden, toilet flushing, washing the car or any other requirements.