Product spotlight: Buzonâ??s DPH pedestal system

Product spotlight: Buzonâ??s DPH pedestal system
Product spotlight: Buzonâ??s DPH pedestal system
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An adjustable pedal system that keeps decks and outdoor flooring level

Designed for raised-access internal or external floors and roof decks, Buzon’s DPH pedestal system accommodates stone, ceramic, concrete or composite pavers, timber decking of all types and metal or fibreglass grid systems. Each pedestal has a built-in slope correction device. This gives up to five per cent fall compensation, so at ground level you can easily adjust for uneven surfaces; or on flat roofs you can have a perfectly flat deck or paved area but maintain the fall of the roof for efficient water run-off. For even more design flexibility, the system offers height adjustment from 17mm to 850mm, millimetre by millimetre if required.

The pedestals are extremely strong as they are precision-engineered from 4mm-thick polypropylene and capable of supporting loads of more than 1000kg per pedestal. At roof level, this load is evenly spread by the wide base area of each unit, making them ideal for almost all flat roofing substrates, from single ply, to green or built-up roofs — they can even be used directly over insulation material. No matter what is above and below them, the load is distributed evenly, the fall of the roof is maintained and the surface of the paving or deck remains flat.

The DPH system is also simple to install. Desired height is achieved by thread adjustment (lockable when reached) and a range of spacer tabs allow for precise gaps between pavers from 2mm up to 10mm.

In commercial urban environments where space is at an ever-higher premium, a building’s roof level is potentially a rich source of usable space. Buzon says its DPH system can be used to maximise a roof’s potential, both hiding all manner of services and protecting roof substrates from the elements, maximising integrity and longevity.

Buzon’s DPH pedestal system is available in Australia through Pasco Construction Services.

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