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If you live in the Brisbane region and stay abreast of the local interior design scene, you’ve likely heard of the brilliant and creative Ashley Maddison, founder of AM Interior Studio.

Ashley is the founder of AM Interior Studio, a Brisbane-based interior design business that offers fully resolved interior solutions in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

Ashley has more than 10 years’ experience in commercial and high-end residential design, and it shows. She is well known for her custom interiors for both new builds and large renovations. She works hard to ensure the design and build process is as positive and memorable as possible for her customers.

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How does she ensure this? Ashley takes pride in being directly involved in the design process from concept to completion. She believes communication and transparency are essential throughout the design process, so customers are encouraged to be involved as much or as little as they wish while Ashley works hard to turn their dreams into reality.

Ashley is not one to play it safe. She takes calculated risks in her work and loves pushing the boundaries of how a space can be used while adhering to the business’s core belief that an interior should uplift and not inhibit the end user. This means functionality and practicality are at the forefront of every AM Interior Studio project.

Ashley Maddison, AM Interior Studio

Ashley is well known for her knowledgeability and professionalism within the industry. Her eye for detail is second to none, and her exploration of materiality and form always reaps rewards. Best of all, she considers her customers’ style and house vernacular to be the driving factor for each project, which is why her designs are unique and perfectly suited to her customers’ personal style.

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