Revitalising your bedroom

Revitalising your bedroom


Bedroom Renovations

Spring is a great time of year to reinvent or revitalise a room. Ideally you would start from scratch, giving your room a complete makeover, but that may not always be practical. So we offer hints and tips for revitalising your bedroom, whether you are going the “full monty” or just looking for a quick spruce-up.

“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” -Dale E Turner

No matter how large the “makeover” you intend undertaking, the first step should always be to set yourself a budget. Consider what you want to achieve and how much you can allocate to the task. This will help you establish the parameters of your room’s makeover. If dollars are not a problem, you can go the whole hog and repaint, source new furnishings, lighting and even floor coverings. If you are starting with a more modest budget you should consider how you can get the most from what is already on hand. You’ll be surprised how new cushions and throws and a dash of colour on the wall can make a room look better.

Once you’ve established a budget, think outside the square. Just because you’ve always had your bed facing one particular way in a room doesn’t mean it is the only option. Try placing your furniture in new positions to give your room a fresh appearance.

What about the room’s dimensions? Is the room small and currently a bit too full? Could you get rid of a piece of furniture? Or if the room is large can you beg or borrow another chair, blanket box or couch from a family member to make the room feel cosier?

Colour is another major consideration and will instantly give a room a lift. Colour probably does more to impact a room’s mood than any other element. Try painting a feature wall or changing the colour of your bed linen. Remember, bold or warm colours will help add a cosy feel to your bedroom while soft pastels, blues and greens will make a room feel cool and fresh. White is another valid option for the bedroom. White walls, teamed with white linens and great timber furniture, will give a strong base for your bedroom decoration. Simply add coloured accents, such as cushions and throws, for a sophisticated and timeless scheme.

Consider establishing a theme for your bedroom. Now don’t grimace — I’m not suggesting you recreate some kitsch, overdecorated space, just that you take some common elements and combine them to give drama and style to your room. For example, why not combine some great floral linen with an opulent framed print featuring a still life with flowers. Or choose a fun or fashionable motif such as chandeliers or Eiffel Towers and pick them out in accents such as cushions or artwork, repeating them a couple of times in different parts of the room. Just don’t overdo it. Remember, less is more if you want to stay in the tasteful category.

Also think about adding a focal point to your room. Artwork or a great bedhead are good places to start. Why not create a one-off bedhead by framing up an old panelled door, or by whitewashing a section of an old fence or an old gate? Anything with a “salvaged” feel will add atmosphere to the room and will instantly attract attention.
If your budget can be stretched to purchase new bed linen, you are onto an instant winner. You can match the colour and theme to the mood you are creating for another layer of style.

Be creative when it comes to artwork for your room. Try grouping interesting framed mirrors above a chest of drawers in place of a more traditional dressing table — or why not paint or cover some cheap canvases for a more individual look.

Ten budget-friendly ideas for bedroom decorating

  1. Try rearranging your furniture. This won’t cost you anything and can give a room a lift. Just be sure to use safe lifting practices, otherwise you might need to pay for an unexpected visit to the chiropractor.
  2. Make yourself a new headboard out of a salvage find. An old gate, fence panel or some carved wardrobe doors could be set into a frame for a cool country bedhead.
  3. Try splurging on new cushions. They are much cheaper than new bedlinen and can really give a bed a fresh face.
  4. Visit some charity shops or garage sales for some character-filled finds to add to bedside tables.
  5. Try a new feature wall colour.
  6. Add some pattern to your room by covering a small chair or try throwing a nice length of fabric or a sarong over a curtain rod to add another layer of interest to your windows.
  7. Replace your bedside lamp shades with something striking, like red beaded shades or floral shades.
  8. Visit the $2 shops and buy cheap canvases to decorate and use above the bed.
  9. Try one long canvas or four small ones grouped together. Cover with interesting papers or fabric off-cuts.
  10. Have another look through your wardrobe for scarves or wraps that could be used on the end of your bed or to wrap around a cushion.
  11. Don’t forget to throw open your windows to get rid of musty smells, then bring some fresh flowers or a nice candle into the room to add fragrance.