Nicole Larkin Dynamics in Impermanence SxSBondi2016

12 amazing sculptures from Sculpture by the Sea 2016


We took a coastal walk amidst award-winning outdoor sculptures, and came back feeling decidedly inspired

While visiting this annual outdoor exhibition always makes for an enjoyable springtime day out, it is also a great way of determining which colours, materials, designs and styles of artwork catch your eye and suit your home’s style and character.

We paid a visit to Bondi recently, for this very reason. Here are 12 of our favourite sculptures from this year’s exhibition:

  1. Many Many III

Many Many III, Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptor:  Stephen King

Materials used: stringy bark


2. In Awe

Rebecca Rose InAwe SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Rebecca Rose

Materials used: galvanised steel pipe and plate, carbon fibre, wood


3. Celestial Rings I

Inge King AM Celestial Rings I(2014) SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Inge King AM (1915 – 2016)

Materials used: stainless steel


4. Mountains Air – Circles

4. 12_KoichiIshino_MountainsAir-Circles_SxSBondi2016_ClydeYee_11

Sculptor: Koichi Ishino

Materials used: stainless steel, granite


5. Dynamics in Impermanence

Nicole Larkin Dynamics in Impermanence SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Nicole Larkin

Materials used: birch plywood


6. Swing in the Air

Kozo Nishino Swing In The Air SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Kozo Nishino

Materials used: titanium alloy, stainless steel and paint


7. Place of our Dreams

7. 27_TheBanksotwnKooriEldersGroupInc._PlaceOfOurDreams_SxSBondi2016_ClydeYee_06

Sculptors: The Bankstown Koori Elders Group INC.

Materials used: pvc pipes, ceramic tiles, black rubber washers, black screws


8. Embrace

Geoffrey Bartlett Embrace SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Geoffrey Bartlett

Materials used: copper, steel and stainless steel


9. M.151201

9 81_ToshioIezumi_M,151201_SxSBondi2016_ClydeYee_07

Sculptor: Toshio Iezumi

Materials used: reflecting glass, UV adhesive


10. Reality TV

Anne Levitch Reality TV SxSBondi2016

Sculptor: Anne Levitch

Materials used: corten steel


11. The Window of the Future

11 102_SangSugKim_TheWindownOfTheFuture_SxSBondi2016_ClydeYee_13

Sculptor: Sang Sug Kim

Materials used: white marble, black stone


12. Untitled (Coral)

12 AlessandraRossi_Untitled(Coral)_SxSBondi2016_RIndrawan_2

Sculptor: Alessandra Rossi

Materials used: acrylic and stainless steel

Sculptures by the Sea is on until Sunday 6 November, for our readers living in or visiting Sydney to check out in person.

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