Trend alert: Fantastic fabrics

Trend alert: Fantastic fabrics


Fabrics can be used for more than curtains and upholstery. Change it up by using a floor covering as wallpaper and a bedspread as a lampshade.

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By Tamar Lawson

1. Cabretta Vinyl by Osborne and Little. Looks like tiles but isn’t. It’s useful as a wall or floor covering.

2. Chai Close by Tara Davy Textiles. This cute pattern is appropriate for both children and adults and is available in four colours.

3. Dandy by Metaphores. This versatile print is available in 10 colours. The pattern is also available in a larger print called Bokeh for a more dramatic finish when upholstering.

4. Marimekko Isosatakieli Fabric by Kiitos Livingstyle fabrics. Great as a funky feature piece to bring a room together.

5. Mimosa by Vivaldi. A rich fabric with foliage montage.

6. Miss Li by Pierre Frey. This exquisite silk embroidered fabric will make any girl feel like a princess.

7. Paracas by Nina Campbell. Tribal is coming back into fashion and this print is a nice mix between tribal and European prints.

8. Textile Antique Guatemalan by the Toucan Shop. Colourful and intricate, this design will add character to any room.

9. Tiana outdoor fabric by Designers Guild. The perfect, durable complement any outdoor Australian living area. Also available in Graphite.

From Luxury Home Design magazine Vol. 15 No. 4