Trend alert: Rug geometry

Trend alert: Rug geometry



Everyone loves a rug with a difference. Bright shades, bold lines and bursts of colour are all in this season.

By Alexandra Longstaff


1. Colour crazy
The Nabarniz rug by Missoni is a very busy piece. At first glance you might think the combination of colours and lines would clash, but you’d be wrong. The Nabarniz rug is extraordinary in its ability to mix and mash, combine and collide, and at the end of it all produce a marvellous spectacle.


2. Geometry
From Armadillo & Co comes the Geometric Triangle in periwinkle. With a fusion of periwinkle blue, white, black and beige, you’ll have to be careful not to get wrapped up in its enticing optical illusion.


3. Kaleidoscope
Shake things up with the Kaleidoscope by Tsar Carpets. Pinks, oranges, yellows and purples come together on the floor, morphing before your eyes to form the next intriguing shape. Tsar Carpets offers a spellbinding selection of rugs of differing colours and styles; from cerulean botanical floor rugs to hot pink carpets, there’s never a dull moment with Tsar.


4. Zig zag
A beautiful rug that transports you to some other world is surely the best kind? Zig Zag into the Congo with the Congo Charcoal by Tsar Carpets. The Zig Zag is one of the many various colourful explosions by Tsar — allow it to bring the rhythm, beat, colour and aroma of Africa into your home.


5. Aztec antics
Ancient Aztec meets modern marvel. The Tradizionale 10 by Tapetti Fine Hand-Crafted Rugs invokes all the mysticism of the ancient Aztec world, whilst simultaneously adding a touch of modern.  Tradizionale 10 comes from the traditional collection, but don’t miss the contemporary, floral and Vuvuvu collection also by Tapetti — all of which will be sure to impress.


6. Vuvu-voom
The Vuvuvu 14 from the Vuvuvu collection by Tapetti Fine Hand-Crafted Rugs is a melting pot of blue shades. Contrasting geometric functionality with light and deep shades of blue, the Vuvuvu 14 puzzles the mind in the most elegant way.

From Grand Designs Australia magazine Vol. 1 No. 2