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Whether it’s hot, cold, or anything in between, Rinnai has you covered with our wide range of class leading heating and cooling products.

With the weather constantly changing at the click of a button it’s great to have a product that can do the same. Engineered with the highest quality and precision, the Rinnai range of Inverter Split Systems and Ducted Air Conditioners offer the full package of heating and cooling in one. To thank everyone who purchases any participating product from our Cooling range, we’re offering a pre-paid Visa card valued up to $400 with every purchase.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

An Advanced Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Rinnai’s Ducted Air Conditioning system discreetly delivers powerful home heating and cooling, keeping you comfortable regardless of the extremes outside.

Concealed in your roof cavity, the efficient indoor fans & DC compressor quietly operate, and the advanced ducted inverter control mechanisms ensure a controlled warm-up and cool down with outstanding energy efficiency ratings.

Enjoy the exceptional benefits of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner without the hassle of installing and the sight of multiple indoor units. Condition and filter the air in your whole home or choose to zone specific areas tailored to individual comfort levels.

3 times more efficient than conventional heating, Rinnai’s Ducted Air Conditioning system features optional Wi-Fi, programmable controller, and slimline design.

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Reverse Cycle Split Systems
Creating comfortable and healthy homes all year round

Australian homes not only vary in shape and size but have unique comfort requirements. The Rinnai range of Inverter Split Systems powerfully deliver heating and cooling all year round no matter where you call home.

Enjoy enhanced living benefits as the high-density air filter assists with delivering optimum air quality, by absorbing undesirable contaminates. The intuitive fresh function keeps the indoor unit free of excess moisture – ensuring optimum performance and hygiene.

Built Rinnai resilient, our Reverse Cycle Split System range efficiently operates in a wide range of ambient temperatures. Enclosed in an elegant, matte outer casing, the range of Reverse Cycle Split Systems have a range of features including convenient timer function, airflow distances of up to 15 metres and Sleep Mode – the ultimate companion in economical home comfort

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