Trending now: Plants on pink

Trending now: Plants on pink


Instagram obsession turned interior trend… #plantsonpink could be the new style trend your home’s interior needs

Isn’t it funny how the most unlikely of trends seem to end up being the biggest stories and style preferences of the year. If you spend time on social media, there’s no doubt you have come across #plantsonpink, which rose to fame in 2016 – what started off as an Instagram page dedicated to the love of plants placed against pink backgrounds has now become an interior style trend.

While we may never fully understand the undeniable allure of placing plants against pink backgrounds, we can draw inspiration from this trend for our own homes. The trend leaves a lot of scope for DIY homewares and styling, for those who enjoy such projects. However, if purchasing pre-made pieces is more your style, check out our top picks below!

1. Artificial Areca Palm,

Plants on pink 1

2. Peach Herbs and Spices print,

Plants on pink 2

3. Cactus cushion,

Plants on pink 3
4. Blush Textile wall hanging,

Plants on pink 4
5. Pink Palm Leaf plate,

Plants on pink 5
6. Manila Rugs in Green By Sanderson,

Plants on pink 6
7. Ivy Muse Saturn Hanger,

Plants on Pink 7
8. Pink Swan Planter,

Plants on pink 8
9. Hanging Ceramic Plant Pots,

9. MiaFleur_1292482_HangingCeramicPlantPots.jpg
10. School Chart Art Print – Plants,

Plants on pink 10
11. Terracotta Plant Pot,

Plants on pink 11
12. Cactus Bloom Manipulated Colour Photograph,

Plants on pink 12