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Skirting boards, base boards or ‘skirts’ as they have been referred to recently were once overlooked as a necessary functional piece of wood placed at the bottom of the wall to protect it from damage when you bang the vacuum into it.

They also covered the gap between the wall and the floor, and were small, and uninteresting. Recently, skirting boards have become the hottest accessory for designers and homeowners looking to make some serious cost-effective impact in their renovation or new build projects with big, bold & beautiful designs creating some serious wow factor, and teams up with Wall Panelling create a design masterpiece.

BIG architraves and super tall skirting boards was selected by renovation royalty Naomi Findlay for  her recent NSW cottage renovation at Waukivory Estate. Traditional ‘Colonial’ style was replaced by a relaxed ‘Country / Cottage’ look. The bold statement 285mm high Intrim SK41 skirting boards are a major feature of this project, providing scale for the tall ceilings.

Intrim Mouldings Skirts
Images: Intrim Mouldings, Naomi Findlay

BOLD use of colour and texture welcomes you as you enter this modern home. With the Intrim® Cavetto Wall featuring large concave curves adding a stunning textural effect. This exclusive lining board features a tongue & groove that slides together to make this seamless wall texture. Creating a feature wall using timber wall panelling, is a stunning architectural focal feature for modern yet glamourous settings. Create the perfect finish by painting the Cavetto Wall any colour or finish.

Intrim Mouldings

BEAUTIFUL layering of stylish timber mouldings sets this Cape Cod inspired home by Front Porch Properties Rachael Turner apart from the rest. Packed full of stylish Intrim Wainscoting wall panelling, a coffered ceiling, and stunning skirting boards, architraves, chair rails and inlay moulding adds layers of glamour and class in every room. What makes this home so beautiful isn’t just the large amount of timber mouldings, it is the sizes and profile shape. With Intrim skirting board SK132 in large 185mm, showing just how a beautiful timber moulding profile shape can make or break the finished feel of the home.

Intrim Mouldings
Images: Intrim Mouldings, Front Porch Properties

Sleek Contemporary design has even taken a bold step with Intrim Shadowline® SK800 skirting boards used as a bold architectural feature as show in this staircase.

The shift to larger timber mouldings profiles and more consideration of the shape to suite the style of project has meant that buying a standard commodity design off the shelf isn’t the preferred choice for most designers and builders. With a vast selection of shapes and size options the shift to buying ‘made to order’ has become standard as the profile shape and size is moulded from a timber blank in the quantity you need to reduce wastage. This method allows a quick yet cost effective Australian supply of finely crafted quality timber mouldings designed for Australian homes.

Explore styles, request free samples, and secure a free design consultation from Intrim, the style and innovation leaders in quality timber mouldings.

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