Unique chandeliers to add interest to your home


Chandeliers may be classic, but that doesn’t mean they need always be traditional in style

A recent sighting of custom chandeliers made entirely of wine glasses at a local bar lead to some thorough research on unusual, eye-catching chandeliers currently in the market.

Here are seven of the the most unique chandeliers we’ve found so far:

  1. Koket Gia Chandelier,

Koket Gia chandelier

2. DelightFULL Atomic Chandelier,

DelightFULL Atomic Chandelier

3. Koket VIVRE Chandelier,

Koket VIVRE Chandelier

4. The French Bedroom Company Hunting By Design Chandelier,

The French Bedroom Company Hunting By Design

5. Antler Chandelier –


Antler Chandelier

6. The French Bedroom Company Midsummer Night’s Dream Rustic Metal Chandelier,

The French Bedroom Company Midsummer Night's Dream Rustic Metal

7. Koket Bedroom Decor with NYMPH Chandelier,

Koket Bedroom Decor with NYMPH Chandelier

8. fenton&fenton Wire Chandelier,

fenton&fenton Wire Chandelier