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We love…Yellowkorner


What started as a French school project is now a thriving art hub for culturists around the globe

Photographs are quite simply a wonder of the modern world. The ability to capture a moment and visually consume it time and time again is something we never tire of. For most, displaying these works of art adds character to the home and reflects those who occupy the space. In 2009, Yellowkorner was introduced as a school project in France, which has since evolved to comprise 95 galleries spread across five continents in just six years. So who can we thank for bringing world-class photographers to our shores?

Lifelong friends Cyril Catteau and Laurent Rabot share a common passion — photography. Travelling around

We work with some of the most talented artists in the world and we take a lot of pride in producing superb, quality prints
the world together on photographic expeditions, the duo came across Yellowkorner during a European getaway, which would prove to be a life- and career-altering event. “Cyril is an engineer by trade and my background is in banking and property development,” says Laurent. “During a trip in 2012, we came across Yellowkorner and decided to bring it to Australia. Our first gallery was opened in Bondi Junction in October 2013.”

Not just another print shop churning out masses of inferior pieces, each image on offer is reviewed by an artistic panel in Europe, that hand-picks every photograph in the catalogue to ensure the selection remains diverse and balanced. “We work with some of the most talented artists in the world and we take a lot of pride in producing superb, quality prints,” says Laurent. “Yellowkorner works with more than 250 photographers representing all walks of life.”

Boasting pieces from David Hamilton, Slim Aarons and Man Ray, the gallery offers more than 3500 photographs available in six different formats and a range of finishes, too.

With each gallery serving as a meeting place for members of the public and artists alike to exchange ideas, Yellowkorner is a point of difference in a consumer-driven market. Offering unique pieces that capture a broad array of subjects, there’s surely a piece for even the most discerning critics among us.

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Written by Annabelle Cloros

Originally from Home Design magazine, Volume 19 Issue 1