10 Tips for Organising your Kitchen

10 Tips for Organising your Kitchen
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Need to declutter your kitchen? Here’s our top tips for creating an organised and inspired kitchen

1. Assess your needs.
2. Pare down and get rid of double-ups.
3. Remove items from your benchtops that you don’t use daily.
4. Look for ways to add storage — can you fit a shelf, hanging rack or butcher’s block?
5. Make the storage you have work harder by using tiered shelving in the pantry and hanging space on doors.
6. Keep like items together. Create a baking station, a flavour station and a washing-up station.
7. Where possible, store items close to where they will be used — spices near the stove etc.
8. Visit a specialised storage shop for options that make the best use of your space — you’ll be amazed at the space-saving options such as turntables, drawer organisers etc.
9. Consider adding additional shelves inside your existing cabinetry. Most kitchens come with just one shelf. Double your storage by adding another.
10. Give most-used items a home where they are easily accessed.

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