Kitchen appliances - Gaggenau recessed oven vent

7 innovative kitchen appliances


From pan sensor technology to retractable ventilation — check out the latest time-saving, life-changing and innovative kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances - Gaggenau recessed oven vent

1. Retractable ventilation

The discreet and convenient AL 400 fully recessed table ventilation retracts and disappears when not needed, making it perfect for small kitchens, very open-plan spaces, or any homeowner who wants to conceal their extraction fan.

Kitchen appliances - siemens induction oven

2. Pan sensor technology

The FreeInduction cooktop is an innovative piece of technology from Siemens. The pots and pans can sit with complete freedom anywhere on the cooktop, where pan sensors will automatically pick up the size, shape and position of pans.


Kitchen appliance - Gaggenau oven coffee maker

3. Side-by-side coffee

Here a CM250 stainless-steel coffee machine and an oven from the 200 series from Gaggenau sit side by side, perfectly matched. The oven features 12 heating methods and the coffee machine produces all types of coffee and milk-based drinks possible with — most impressively — no warm-up phase.


Smeg Steam Oven

4. The power of steam

The new combi-steam oven from Smeg combines the advantages of a fan-forced oven with a steam oven to produce a highly efficient cooking machine. This means shorter cooking times, less prep time and more nutrient retention in food. Win, win, win all round.

Find out more about Smeg’s latest range of kitchen appliances here


Kitchen appliance - insinkerator

5. Easy food disposal

Disposing of food waste has never been so easy. The Evolution 200 from InSinkErator fits under the sink and offers a convenient and eco-friendly way of disposing of food. Place scraps into the InSinkErator, grind them down and watch them disappear down the standard kitchen drain.


Kitchen appliance - Gaggenau wine fridge

6. The ultimate wine fridge

The Vario wine climate cabinet 400 series from Gaggenau ensures wine storage is constant and between five and 18 degrees. Within it, you can store up to 101 bottles, which is perfect for any wine aficionados out there.


Kitchen appliance - alessi duck timer

7. Cute cooking

You’ll never lose track of your cooking with this cute kitchen timer from Alessi. Made from thermoplastic resin, it comes in yellow, white or black.


By Alexandra Longstaff
From Renovate magazine Vol. 9 No. 3