A Modern Twist: modern kitchen design


Included as part of a revamp of the family room, this space was transformed from a tired, user-unfriendly space into a wonderfully modern kitchen design

With very specific needs and requests that had to work both aesthetically and practically with their hectic lifestyle, the owners — a busy family of five — wanted a space that was personalised. A unique wallpapered glass cabinet was created to display some beautiful crystal glassware the owners had recently inherited. With the stunning Marimekko Lumimarja wallpaper, this cabinet sets the kitchen apart. There is also a wonderful appliance cupboard to hold all frequently needed products. The overall tone of the house is classic Balmain with a modern twist. The design is centred by the blue of the bar back, which also brings character and charm to the space.

Designer: Karen Crossley for A-Plan Kitchens
Built by: Just Screw It

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 24 Volume 4

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