A Solid Solution for Working Surfaces


When it comes to the surfaces of the most highly trafficked zones in the house — the kitchen, bathroom and laundry — choosing a benchtop is an important consideration.

Your counters are  repositories for food, wine, coffee, mail, keys, shoes — the occasional child. Needless to say, your benchtops take a beating and need to stand up to a lot. That’s just one of the many  reasons why solid surfaces are a great option.

A non-porous, low-maintenance, manmade material, solid surfaces are durable, easy to clean and ensure longevity for hard-working countertops. With solid surfaces you don’t have to worry about spilling red wine, smearing chocolate, splashing grease or a hundred other everyday household concerns.

These heavy-duty materials are stain-resistant and antimicrobial, while still being smooth and  warm to the touch. A favourite choice for many builders and architects, solid surfaces are easy to work with, allowing fabricators to craft a variety of shapes and sizes to meet design needs. In addition, if seams are required, solid surfaces offer inconspicuous joins, eliminating areas where
crumbs, dirt and bacteria can gather. This allows them to also be used to create seamless splashbacks and integrated sinks.

Solid surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria, making them perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces and ensuring a cleaner environment for your home. Chips, gouges or cracks, should they occur, are easily mended.

Unlike natural stone, sealing or painting is not required, meaning your countertops will always look brand new. Solid surface materials also come in a variety of patterns and colours, so you’ll easily be able to find a design that meets your aesthetic requirements.

Offering a wealth of benchtop options, Working Surfaces is the expert in custom surfacing. From solid surfaces to laminate, high-gloss acrylic, vinyl wrap and bespoke timber, Working Surfaces has all your surface needs covered. So when you’re in the market for durable countertops, think solid surfaces.

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