Stylish Functionality by Blum


Choosing the right cabinet application for your kitchen, bathroom or living area can transform functionality around the home.

Products such as Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems not only provide functionality, but also offer homeowners and renovators the ability to utilise quality hardware that complements their designs as well as meeting today’s design trends.

AVENTOS lift systems are an ergonomic and functional solution that is suitable to almost every overhead storage application. Blum’s range of lift systems helps homeowners achieve easy access and better workflow by moving cabinet fronts up and out of the way, allowing clear  access to the contents of the cabinet, preventing the need to duck and weave around open  cabinet doors.

Capable of supporting large and heavy one-part or two-part cabinet fronts, AVENTOS can assist homeowners in achieving a harmonious design for all styles and colour palettes. Now with Blum’s new sophisticated cover cap designs and colour range, the storage unit internals can suit the style of the cabinet front.

Whether choosing a light and vibrant design or a dark and elegant ambience, Blum’s new cover cap designs are modern and sleek, available in silk white, light-grey and dark-grey options to help achieve a minimalist appearance.

AVENTOS lift systems combine useful functionality with ease of motion and user convenience. The variable stop allows the front of the cabinet to hold in any opening position and stays exactly where it is left to ensure doors are always within reach. This allows users to access cabinet items with both hands, without the worry of the cabinet front slamming shut.

Create a mesmerising experience by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies BLUMOTION soft-close, TIP-ON and SERVO-DRIVE. AVENTOS lift systems come with BLUMOTION soft-close  as standard and can be equipped with Blum’s TIP-ON mechanical opening support system to  complement elegant handle-less designs.

With just a touch to the front, cabinet fronts will open up and out of the way to make all items easily accessible, allowing your home to both look and feel sophisticated. To further enhance your experience, consider incorporating SERVO-DRIVE, Blum’s electrical opening support  system, which glides open effortlessly with a single touch and gently closes thanks to  BLUMOTION soft-close with the press of a button.

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