A-Z of Kitchen Appliances

A-Z of Kitchen Appliances




A good breakfast is the best start to any day. And a good toaster is essential for any kitchen. Today’s homeowners not only want a high level of functionality from their toaster, they also insist on good looks and great design. The name Russell Hobbs is synonymous with excellence in design and the new Distinctions toaster is a testament to the company’s good name. Frosted glass and stunning stainless steel, together with a minimalist design, make this toaster a sophisticated statement in any kitchen. With a frozen bread function, variable LED browning control and electronic pop-up, this toaster is a must for today’s stylish and functional kitchens.


Blenders are such an integral part of today’s kitchens that most homeowners could not imagine living without one. Streamlined and designed to be displayed, modern blenders perform a variety of functions to assist in meal preparation. Sunbeam is a company well known for innovative and functional small appliances and its Legend blender is no different. A solid die-cast metal base and a 1.5-litre heat-resistant glass jug are the basis of this excellent kitchen accessory, which also has two speeds and pulse action.


Coffee machines are now an item most kitchens would not be seen without, either residing on the benchtop or installed with a trim kit to become part of the overall kitchen design. The chance for piping hot, aromatic coffee at your fingertips is becoming almost too hard to pass up for many homeowners. Breville has just launched a new range of kitchen appliances that includes the Barista Express Espresso Machine. Stylishly designed, the unit features world-class innovation with a 15-bar Italian pump system and heavy-duty die-cast and stainless-steel housing to provide precision, durability and exceptional performance.


Dishwashers are an item most homeowners would list as essential. Becoming more and more water and energy efficient, the dishwasher has risen in popularity over the years. With the launch of Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer two-drawer dishwashing system, dishwasher design has reached a new level. Each drawer operates fully independently with separate wash programs for each load. There is a genuine half-load wash option and an extensive choice of wash programs. A flexible racking system allows homeowners to personalise their dishwasher to meet their own individual needs.


Easy-clean is a term most homeowners love to hear. We are all too busy to be spending hours scrubbing the kitchen and today’s modern appliances are just the ticket. From pyrolytic ovens that clean themselves to new finishes that ward off fingerprints, scratches and other day-to-day marks, smart appliance choice means it is now possible to attain a very easy-to-maintain kitchen. Fisher & Paykel has recently released its range of EZKleen refrigerators and DishDrawer dishwashers, which are made from 100 per cent stainless steel with an innovative transparent coating to make them much easier to clean and maintain.


Food processors make the cooking process easy. These handy appliances do just about everything from chopping, slicing and shredding to grating and chipping. Sunbeam’s Multi Food Processor is an absolute whiz in the kitchen with its 800-watt motor and five speeds, including pulse action. Stainless-steel attachments together with a plastic kneading blade and whisk make this unit both functional and practical. No home should be without one of these handy items designed in Australia.


Gadgets make excellent kitchen accessories and today’s homeowners have more choice than ever before. From simple, small gadgets such as electronic can openers to more complex, larger items such as juicers and mixers, the range available today is simply overwhelming. These handy gadgets from Roost Homewares will make measuring ingredients for that gourmet meal a breeze. Looking sleek and space-aged, the Adjust-A-Spoon and Adjust-A-Cup adjust (as the name suggests) to suit any measurement, meaning you can throw away those plastic cups and spoons.


How could a kitchen be complete without a cooktop? Whether gas, electric or induction fuel, a cooktop that operates efficiently and delivers heat when and where you need it is an essential element in any well-functioning kitchen. This Smeg cooktop combines elegance and simplicity with an excellent design that allows it to be flush-mounted, giving a smooth and clean finish. The appliance is countersunk into the bench, leaving no lip, ridge or crevice to collect germs or bacteria. Five burners in three sizes ensure that every style of cooking can be accommodated, with allowance made for large pots and pans.


In-Sink-Erator presents an alternative to garbage disposal for a cleaner, healthier kitchen. The In-Sink-Erator garbage compactor can compact general rubbish or separated recyclables down to a mere 25 per cent of their original size. Sleek and elegant on the outside with a gleaming stainless-steel finish, the unit is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Not only will the unit cut down the number of trips from kitchen to wheelie bin, the resultant minimisation of landfill can only be good for the environment.


Juicers now come in a huge range for the health-conscious consumer. The popularity of juice bars is mirrored in the popularity of juicers for the home kitchen. Homeowners enjoy the luxury and accessibility of being able to make their own fresh juice whenever they wish. The 800 Class Citrus Press is a newly released product from Breville. State-of-the-art form and sophistication make this model perfect for a benchtop position, while innovative technology ensures the maximum juice extraction every time. The unit takes all sizes of citrus fruit, from the smallest limes to the largest grapefruit and everything in between.


Kettle technology has come such a long way from the simple element-in-ceramic-jug types our grandparents used. Today’s cordless kettles make life very easy for busy homeowners, while the variety of styles and finishes available makes them great for display on a benchtop. Stylish and sleek, the Mona kettle from Russell Hobbs is a visually stunning appliance that is designed to be displayed. Available in brushed stainless-steel or satin finish, the kettle has a one-litre jug for as many cups of tea or coffee as you can manage.


Lovers of fresh, cool filtered water will know the amount of space taken up in the refrigerator with jugs and bottles of bought water. Imagine the convenience of having fresh filtered water available at the touch of a finger. The Puretec water filtration system incorporates the latest filtration technology in one system. Installed directly onto the benchtop with the filtration system hidden underneath, the only visible part is a slim, stylish taphead from which pure, filtered, chilled water pours forth. Enjoy peace of mind with the unit’s ability to reduce chlorine, sediment and parasitic cysts, leaving you with fresh, safe, clear and pure drinking water.


Mixers are an essential ingredient in today’s kitchens. With the influence of celebrity chefs such as Nigela Lawson, Jamie Oliver and many others, mixers have been elevated to celebrity status themselves. This KitchenAid mixer has been popular for many years and makes an ideal gift for lovers of food. Its features include a heavy-duty 10-speed 300-watt direct-drive motor, all-metal construction with a durable enamel finish and a 4.3-litre stainless-steel bowl with handle and cover — all designed for a lifetime of quiet strength and durability. Attachments include a flat beater, dough hook and stainless-steel whisk.


No wonder retro is back in fashion with great-looking appliances like this. The four-slice DeLonghi toaster is modern technology disguised by retro simplicity. The rounded knobs are actually electronic controls enabling a variety of functions, including browning, arming and an extra-lift feature for small slices. Toasters are not the only kitchen appliances enjoying the retro comeback theme. Look at the popularity of Smeg’s retro refrigerators and the many freestanding traditional-style cookers now featuring in many brand-new kitchens.


Ovens are an item no kitchen can be without. Today’s ovens can be freestanding, wall or underbench designs in a range of styles, themes and finishes. The new Designer built-in ovens from Kleenmaid have the ability to automatically calculate the temperature and time required to cook your favourite meal. The sensor-touch control panel allows you to select the type of food you are cooking and the oven automatically selects the appropriate function, temperature and cooking time. It will even automatically switch off once the set cooking time has expired. Think of the benefits when entertaining — no longer is the cook stuck in the kitchen while the guests entertain themselves.


Powerful rangehoods are almost a staple of kitchen design in today’s open-plan homes. More than ever before, it is important to ensure that everyday smells and odours from cooking don’t permeate the rest of the house. Most manufacturers offer a variety of rangehoods and canopies to take care of any cooking fumes, with many able to be directly ducted outside, either through the wall or through the floor. Some even retract into a benchtop to be completely hidden from view when not in use. Many homeowners make this area into a feature, which is where style and design come into play. Fisher & Paykel’s new Titan rangehood utilises industrial design and a combination of finishes for an eye-catching and visually appealing result.


Quick cooking is a must for busy homeowners. Today’s microwave ovens are a bonus for busy people and can be used for reheating last night’s leftovers or cooking an entire meal from scratch. Reece has recently launched the D’amani range of Italian-designed kitchen appliances. The D’amani microwave, with its stainless-steel exterior and interior, is a stylish addition to any kitchen. The aim of this new range is to provide great food, excellent functionality and impeccable design, in keeping with the Italian family-focused way of life. All D’amani appliances combine stylish versatility with advanced features, at a reasonable price.


Refrigerators are no longer the simple icebox of days gone by. Homeowners can choose from the regular freezer-above-refrigerator style and upside-down refrigerators to side-by-side refrigerator/freezers in a variety of styles and finishes. In fact, most homes have more than one. Samsung has recently released a range of Silver Nano Health System refrigerators, which apply a sophisticated silver technology that minimises the spread of bacteria. The interior is coated with a nano-sized silver that sanitises and deodorises those surfaces that come into contact with food or skin. In addition, the refrigerator boasts a twin cooling system, CoolSelect Zone and digital display and is environmentally friendly.


Sinks are no longer simply a bowl used for washing up. From single or two-bowl top-mounted sinks with either one or two drainers to undermount sinks, moulded sinks and recessed sinks, most kitchens now boast more than one. Sink accessories are also gaining in popularity. Additions such as chopping boards, drainers, sieves et cetera can make your sink area an extremely functional part of your kitchen. Tasman Sinkware’s Monet range is renowned for functionality and adaptability. An innovative range of accessories makes it easy to retain benchtop space yet still have the luxury of a large sink, with the full-size Monet bowls designed to convert easily and elegantly into useful food preparation space.


Taps have come into their own as an integral part of kitchen design. Sleek, sophisticated, traditional, modern and antique styles are all popular. A range of hobs, spouts, mixers and accessories has made taps a very important choice for kitchen renovators. Function and style are at the heart of today’s tap designs, with a range to suit just about every type of kitchen. Teknobili Plus is a new range of architect-designed tapware from Reece Plumbing Centres. Its ergonomic design and sophisticated style make it an excellent choice for a contemporary room.


Undeniably an essential ingredient in a well-functioning kitchen is its organisational and storage capacity. The market has seen a huge increase in the number of storage systems available, all with the aim to make your kitchen more ergonomic and functional. These internal drawer systems from Blum are the perfect example of products designed specifically to assist you in the kitchen. From the patented Blumotion quiet drawer-close system to the variety of internal organisational systems, you’ll never be fumbling around in the back of a cupboard again.


Variety is the spice of life! Sunbeam’s Cafe Contact Grill and Sandwich Press is a great addition to any kitchen. The unit makes cafe-style snacks, focaccia or Turkish bread in minutes and will also grill meat or vegetables to perfection. A sloped grilling plate drains away any fat, making your cooking much healthier, while the non-stick surface is easy to clean. Australian designed, this essential appliance has a floating hinge system and die-cast metal arms. The variety of meals you can make will be limited only by your imagination, so let yourself go wild with ideas!


Www — with the growth in popularity of the Internet, it was inevitable this technology would make it into the kitchen. Internet refrigerators are now available with the expectation that, not too far in the future, homeowners will be able to monitor the contents of their refrigerator and/or pantry, re-order food and re-stock supplies, all from the comfort of their home. Today, connectivity technology allows home systems to be controlled externally, from airconditioning and lighting to garage doors and sprinkler systems.


X marks the spot — or in this case, the splashback. Gone are the days when the splashback was the last consideration in a kitchen’s design. Today, splashbacks are considered integral to the overall look and functionality of the kitchen. Splashbacks can be made from glass, tiles, natural stone, composite stone, manufactured material, stainless steel… in fact, just about any material you can imagine. Glass — and particularly, coloured glass — has become very popular in recent times and it’s easy to see why. Crisp and light, glass simply gleams in natural light and can make an excellent kitchen accessory. The glass splashback in this picture was supplied by Deco Glaze.


Yes! A good set of knives is essential for anyone who cooks — whether gourmet meals for many or a quick snack for one. Global Knives products are meticulously handcrafted in Japan in the time-honoured Samurai sword tradition. Only the finest grade stainless steel is used, ensuring outstanding edge-holding performance and unsurpassed corrosion resistance. The seven-piece block set is a razor-sharp collection comprising an 8cm peeling knife, 10cm paring knife, 11cm utility knife, 14cm vegetable knife, 15cm serrated utility knife and 20cm cook’s knife in a stainless-steel block.


Zip HydroTap offers the convenience of instant boiling or chilled filtered water at the touch of a button. Proud winner of an Australian DesignMark — an award conferred to only the best examples of design and innovation — the Zip HydroTap is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Never again wait for a kettle to boil or water to cool. This excellent product is designed with a unique childproof safety lock that requires two-fingered, adult operation for added safety. The unique font can be mounted on virtually any benchtop where plumbing is available, with the boiling, chilling and filtration unit installed out of sight underneath the benchtop or sink.