AGA Offers Versatile Cooking Options for the Whole Family


On the day homeowner Claire went shopping for her AGA eR7 Series 160 at a local store, she also happened to be the lucky winner of an AGA eR3 Series 60.

Now the owner of two AGA cookers, Claire has fully utilised both units in different areas of her home and they are an indispensable part of her family’s lifestyle.

The AGA eR7 has pride of place in the large family kitchen. Illuminated by a generously sized skylight, this newly built kitchen is the true heart of the home, with family members taking turns making delicious, restaurant-worthy meals to be shared. Whether it’s porridge in the morning or scrumptious casseroles for dinner, all the cooks agree the AGA cooker is a versatile and much-loved asset in the home.

Meanwhile, the smaller AGA eR3 60 plays an important role in the alfresco area downstairs, where the family does a lot of entertaining. This spot was initially meant to house only a pizza oven and barbecue, but after Claire won the AGA eR3 60 cooker in the competition, this area was redesigned and an entire kitchenette built around the AGA cooker. Serving as a pizza oven and barbecue, the compact cooker has made it much easier to create meals and entertain in this alfresco space.

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