Clever Ways to Integrate a Trampoline Into Your Outdoor Living Space


Many homeowners looking to add value to their property incorporate in-ground trampolines into their garden design, often creating a planting and hedging section around it.

For this reason, Aussies are loving Mr Trampoline’s green-string bounce beds that are coated with all-weather UV-stable rubber-based paint to withstand the Australian climate, and blend into the garden better than the black- or blue-string traditional options.

Integrating a Trampoline

From huge lawns to tight courtyards, the team from Mr Trampoline can install in a variety of spaces. The company’s Olympic standard sizes provide the ultimate performance, but they also make mini trampolines (a little over 4sqm) for active young gymnasts.

Many consider in-ground to be the best and safest option and these are mostly landscaped into lawn areas. However, above-ground trampolines can be made stable on any surface and are a great choice if you want to move it from time to time, or are expecting to move properties.

Fitting a Trampoline into your Backyard

Providing an enduring, premium product with ultimate bounce, the Mr Trampoline experience is unbeatable. “The experience of many people buying the cheaper ‘toy’ models that are not manufactured in Australia has shown they don’t last and invariably end up as landfill,” a spokesperson from Mr Trampoline explains. “People are realising that a well-made in-ground trampoline is an investment that can add value to your family home. Bounce ball net accessories and the ‘in-deck’ models we’ve installed recently are the newest trends we’ve seen.”

Mr Trampoline

Mr Trampoline manufactures in-ground, above-ground and in-deck models. The company produces three standard sizes but for those tricky applications, it can create a bespoke model to suit your individual needs.

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