AGA Rayburn

Benefits of Cooking with an AGA


AGA cookers have changed hugely over the last few years and the AGA 3 Series collection offers the most innovative AGA cooking yet.

This is the first AGA collection to feature models that combine both cast-iron radiant heat cooking and conventional cooking, so they take flexibility to a whole new level. The mix of ovens, hotplates and an induction hob means you have a cooker for all seasons and one that makes it very easy to manage energy usage.

AGA Rayburn

Compared to a conventional oven, cooking with the AGA 3 Series 160i (pictured), is a simpler and more forgiving process. Cast-iron radiant heat is more even and offers greater predictability.

The temperature range of a conventional oven can vary vastly, especially when opening and closing its doors. This is unlike the AGA cooker, which has minimal to zero variability in temperature change when opening the oven door.

AGA Rayvburn Cooker

Researchers at the national centre for food manufacturing at the University of Lincoln spent 18 months examining differences between AGA ovens and conventional ovens. Evidence was produced that confirmed an AGA provides a better more effortless cooking experience, which improves how food tastes, looks and smells.

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