We Chat with the Director of Karanda Interiors about her Design Process


In 2021 we see a larger portion of our customers turning to professionals when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere and aesthetic for their homes.

An interior designer will suggest a fireplace not only for the raw elemental feeling that a fireplace brings but also to create a natural meeting point in the house. We see our fireplaces in the most beautiful settings in ways that amaze our installation team.

As we find ourselves at the midpoint of the year we turn to interior designer Toni, director at Karanda Interiors to ask her what the design process looks like for her and her take on fireplaces. With several prestige projects under her belt for the 2021 already, here’s 10 questions with Toni Ford.

Toni Ford

1) What do you need to consider when designing?

The first thing to consider is the client’s requirements and what space you have to work with. You need to make note of the dimensions of the space because size matters. The size of every product will be determined by the space you have.

2) How important is sustainable design in 2021 to you?

Sustainable design is very important and the best news is that more and more companies are trying to manufacture and supply products that support sustainability. This is making the process easier.

3) What do you love most about the interior design profession?

The most exciting part of being an interior designer is seeing your designs comes to life – actually seeing it come to fruition. I love being there at the start of a project and having the privilege of following it through to the end.

 4) You often implement fireplaces into your designs, how do you feel they fit in room from a design concept point of view?

Fireplaces are an integral part of my designs for open plan living. They are just as important as the TV.

5) What are your preferred projects?

I am actually happy to do any project where the client allows you to help them with the design process.

6) What influences your design process?

My design process is always influenced by the client, the scope and the budget.

7) What does a typical day look like?

My typical day usually includes 5 to 7 back-to-back appointments and lots of running.

8) How do you think your childhood influences your design thinking?

I think design is just part of my DNA. As a child I designed rooms in my backyard by setting out bricks on the ground.

9) Tell us about your process, from sketching through the finished room?

My process begins with interviewing the client, either at their home or in my office, finding out their brief, then discussing the applications required to achieve the desired outcome. This would usually include a floorplan or floorplan adjustment. Depending on the stage of the client’s project it could also include selection of kitchen appliances, PC items for bathrooms, tiles, lighting, then all furniture and soft furnishings. I can help with as much, or as little as required

10) Tell us about your own home. My home is an apartment and I think its beautiful. One of the best items in my apartment is a fireplace [from Real Flame South] and it sits under my TV.

You can view Toni’s apartment on her website www.karandainteriors.com.au under Lantern Apartment.

For all enquiries for Gas, Electric and Wood Fireplaces visit www.realflamesouth.com.au where you can take a 3D virtual showroom tour and view our products or call us on 02 8513 6202.

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