Classic colours: a harmonious elegance


A kitchen that was stuck in the ’70s was given a much-needed renovation to rejuvenate the space, resulting in a more harmonious and flowing kitchen that was well worth the reconstruction

The brief given to Phil O’Brien and Designer Kitchens was to create an elegant, timeless kitchen that was functional and worked well with the rest of the home.
After many meetings to discuss the new layout of the kitchen, the first things to go were the dividing walls to give the kitchen the extra space required for the modern appliances the client wanted to incorporate. This also allowed the area to become a part of the rest of the home rather than a hidden nook in the house.
To open the space, the team was asked by the client that their unused dining room become a part of the kitchen, thus creating flow between
the two meal areas.
While the old kitchen had a large built-in pantry, it certainly didn’t match the kitchen, so the new layout had to include plenty of storage in a way that didn’t make the kitchen look cluttered and too busy. This was achieved by including plenty of drawers and cabinet space.
The choice of using a White Sand 100 per cent gloss painted doors and panels teamed with the ghibli natural granite on the benchtops worked favourably as they are not only classic, elegant colours but they will simply never go out of style.
Using the latest stainless-steel appliances takes this exquisite design to another level, making it innovative, sleek and contemporary while keeping its classic beauty.

Designer: Phil O’Brien for Designer Kitchens

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 18 Volume 1

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