Contemporary shaker


The Shaker aesthetic just got shook up inside this Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms-designed kitchen, which sports a prosperous pantry and high-performing preparation zones. The triple oven tower is the kitchen’s main attraction. The trio moonlights as a screen outlining the messier section of the kitchen, where the main sinks are arranged in a scullery style.

Kitchens can be busy places and we all know the old adage about too many cooks spoiling a certain broth. Luckily, this kitchen was laid out to guarantee optimal flow and minimise bottlenecks in high-traffic areas. The owners’ teenage children can eat or do their homework on the spacious island bench, which also serves as a breakfast area for the busy family. Free of bulkheads, the kitchen was treated to shadowline cabinets, adding height to the overhead storage area.

The inky benchtops are rich with subtle veining that complements the dark-colour palette populating the lower half of the island bench. This deep-hued lower cabinetry enhances the sense of space, which was important considering the design’s inclusion of a rear scullery set-up. A black toughened-glass splashback solidifies the robust essence of the kitchen and speaks to the modernity of the restored space.

An element of symmetry was significant in this design, with the drawers matching throughout and the darker tone of the island cabinets again being picked up in the framing of the TV alcove. What was once a dated, angled kitchen is now the star attraction of this beautiful home.
Designer Eugene Lombard for Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms
Photography Tim Turner

We love
The projection of the island benchtop, which allows
it to serve as a breakfast bar

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Originally featured in Kitchen Yearbook 24

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Practical and perfect

The team from Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms kept this in mind when renovating this room. While the original footprint was already nice and simple, visually and functionally it needed some alterations to make it practical as well as perfect — which is what has been achieved.

Contemporary shaker

The Shaker aesthetic just got shook up inside this Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms-designed kitchen, which sports a prosperous…

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Sense of Flow

The homeowners requested a minimalist, semi-industrial design with complementary finishes. Plentiful storage that doesn’t obstruct the desired minimalist aesthetic was also a must for both spaces.
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A Touch of Teak

Utilising raw materials, such as the pebble stone floor and concrete basins and bath, we carefully selected each piece to create a seamless blend of styles in a soothing colour palette.
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