Discover Sydney’s North Shore’s Newest Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom: Dégabriele Kitchens Sets the Standard


In some exciting news for those living on and around Sydney’s North Shore, Dégabriele Kitchens showroom is recently opened just next door to its well-known Willoughby location.

If you live in the area, you likely already know of Dégabriele Kitchens’ reputation for stylish, luxurious kitchen and bathroom projects. The company has been around for more than 40 years and has left its mark on stunning kitchens and bathrooms all across Sydney. Now you can experience the feeling of a Dégabriele Kitchens space for yourself at their new showroom.

In the downstairs section of the showroom, you’ll find all things joinery. From walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms and wine cellars to wall units and libraries, you can view it all. Then head upstairs to get a feel for what Dégabriele Kitchens can do for you in terms of beautiful interiors and spectacular finishing touches. New additions to the showroom include all things flooring and bathrooms.

Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom

The owner of Dégabriele Kitchens, Sam Dégabriele, shared with us why the team decided to open a new showroom: to create a more seamless renovation experience for customers. “Now people can come into the showroom, work with a designer, select the kitchen, go next door, work on the bathroom design and go upstairs to choose all the other provisional cost items.” This showroom’s focus on joinery is very much to meet the needs of modern-day homeowners. “Five years ago, a typical client would come in wanting to upgrade the kitchen and maybe the laundry, occasionally a new bathroom and wardrobe,” he explains. “Now, when they update the kitchen, they usually want quality joinery throughout the house with luxurious finishing touches. This showroom focuses on that side of the business.”

Kitchens & Bathroom Design

What sets Dégabriele Kitchens apart from the rest is that it has its own factory. The company can also take on all structural work, knock down and build walls, and complete custom projects from start to finish.

Dégabriele Kitchens is truly a one-stop shop, capable of taking your next renovation from inception to completion.

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