No time to waste: a time-saving disposer

Revolutionise the way you handle waste in the kitchen and save time in the process with this handy appliance

Imagine you have just finished preparing the evening meal. Tonight it is steak topped with seafood served with a side salad. You gather up all the vegetable peelings, prawn heads and meat trimmings, and balance them precariously on the chopping board to transfer to the kitchen bin. You gingerly pry it open with your foot because the pedal is broken and then sigh in defeat as the tomato end lands face down on the kitchen floor while the onion peel simultaneously becomes airborne.

Now the evening’s over and the beetroot juice is running down the side of the kitchen bin that no longer closes, which raises the question: whose turn is it to empty and wipe out the bin? Family members scatter like rats deserting a sinking ship and all that remains is you, the bin and the beetroot juice now pooling on the kitchen tiles and cascading along the once-white grout.

Alternatively, you could consider installing a food waste disposer. Food scraps can be swept into the sink as you prepare the meal, then at a flick of a switch they are ground and sent through the plumbing to a waste water treatment plant. With the Evolution Series from InSinkErator, nearly all food scraps, including bones, are ground and flushed quickly away without blades, saving you time and effort.

Life is fast and time to waste is seldom a luxury we can afford, especially for multi-hat-wearing mums. For this reason, invest in a food waste disposer. Priced between $300 and $1300, it is an ideal time-saving solution that will complement today’s busy lifestyle.

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