V-ZUG's EcoManagement: a decision to help the environment

EcoManagement: a decision to help the environment


V-ZUG might be known as manufacturers of high-quality Swiss-made appliances, but their EcoManagement initiative is second-to-none when it comes to looking after the environment

V-ZUG raises awareness and motivates users to make their households more environmentally-friendly on an everyday basis.

The company’s EcoManagement solution hosts a range of functions that enable you to check your appliances’ water and electricity consumption instantly, allowing you to select the most economical settings.

Washing machines and dryers, for instance, can show you the projected energy and water consumption for a specific cycle and then inform you about actual consumption levels after it has ended. You can also actively influence how much your appliances consume: washing machines and tumble dryers come with an Eco button that can be selected with each cycle – helping the appliance consume less energy.

Appliances that support EcoManagement functions are the ideal companions for a modern, resource-efficient lifestyle that is good for our environment.

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