Recipe for Success


Blending the existing house design with this new kitchen was a recipe for success thanks to Kitchens U Build.

The owners of this space needed something special for their kitchen, but were cautious about it feeling out of place. They wanted to take the existing solid-brick walls and timber floors, as well as the striking Tasmanian oak accents around the fireplace, and mix them together to create a kitchen that blended with the rest of the home while still feeling extraordinary — not like it was “just a kitchen”. They have certainly had their dream realised.

The Kitchens U Build team let the brick walls be the hero, giving the room an almost industrial feel. Lower overhead cabinetry is subtle in its design, allowing the walls and the theatre of the ceiling to truly take centre stage.

Under-cabinet lighting provides maximum functionality in this room while again not detracting from the stars of the space. And, thanks to subtle matt black handles, the drawers don’t feel as if they jut into the kitchen but simply blend in with the rest of the bench.

Designers Alisha Stewart and Mark Vander Linden for Kitchens U Build